Pokemon Type Matchups That Make No Sense

weird type matchups

Pokemon Type Effectiveness

Pokemon has been around for decades and was a staple of both my childhood and adult life. To date, there are 18 types of Pokemon each with unique abilities and features. Some types are more effective than another for obvious reasons. For example, one would expect Water to beat Fire and Ice to be ineffective against fire. However, there are some that make no real world sense at all!

Dragon being weak to Fairy

why does fairy beat dragon

I can understand Dragon types being defeated by Ice types given that dragons are reptilian creatures. Given that they are probably cold-blooded and incapable of regulating their own body temperature, it stands to reason that extreme cold would be troublesome for them.

However, why on Earth would a cute fairy defeat a monstrous dragon?!? Since both creatures are mythical in nature, I suppose Game Freak decided the only way to balance the unstoppable magical dragons was with another magical being. Only in Pokemon could a cute fairy slay a powerful dragon!

Ghost having no effect on Normal types

It makes sense that fighting or normal cannot impact a Ghost Pokemon considering they don't have a physical body. But why can't Ghost moves hit Normal types when they can strike Fighting-types? The premise should be the same in that the dead cannot touch the undead. I smell a plot hole!

Bug types being effective against Psychic types

why do bug pokemon beat psychic

Similar to fairy murdering dragons, Pokemon has insects capable of toppling nigh omnipotent creates with the ability to use telekineses and read minds. A bug beating a psychic is just weird. I can't recall any mythos where insects were capable of destroying the smartest creatures in existence.

A theory of mine is that Bug Pokemon have such small, simple brains that Psychic types simply cannot control or harm them. Maybe Bug type Pokemon lack an amygdala (part of the brain thought to process fear), which is the part of the brain that Psychic type Pokemon target with their attacks.

Steel types beating Fairy types

If a fairy can totally annihilate a fire-breathing mythical dragon, they should be able to shrug off any attacks from common metals. In any other context, it makes perfect sense that you can smash a small fairy with some steel but given that dragon attacks don't even phase them, this is nonsense.

Rock beating Fire

If we believe any of the Pokedex entries, Pokemon like Arcanine and Magmar can melt rock with ease. So, why is it that throwing rocks at volcanic creatures kills them so easily?

Psychic types having no effect against dark types

This is another one that only makes sense if Psychic type Pokemon target the amygdala. It kind of makes sense that Dark-type Pokemon don't process fear the same as others do since they are the physical embodiment of darkness itself. If this isn't the case, then Psychic should actually be super effective against Dark as it is with Fighting. Brain over brawn and good over evil!

Bug Pokemon killing Dark

Insects are ridiculously powerful in the world of Pokemon, not only can they kill Psychic creatures but they also smack around beasts of darkness with ease. There is really no reason for this nor is there any other mythology that places insects in such high regard.

Ground beating rock

I always thought that the ground was made of rock, so why would it somehow be able to destroy it? Furthermore, if the ground fractures too much, the little pieces that are left behind are technically rocks.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 07/17/2022


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