Arbury Dojo Rematch Guide

defeat percival temtem

How To Beat Percival

The Arubury Dojo is filled to the brim with Mental type Temtem. However, since there aren't that many Tems in the game, the Dojo Master Percival keeps a few other Tems on rotation.

To be successful and score some valuable Pansuns and Feathers you'll want to carry a nice supply of Electric-type Temtem. The best Tems for this match are Golzy,Innki, and Raignet.

Here is the team I use to win Dojo rematch battles against Percival on the first try.

  • Golzy
  • Innki
  • Raignet
  • Nidrasil
  • Scaravolt
  • Mawmense

And here are the boys in action against the Mental specialist from the land of many sewers.

Best Movesets and Builds for Dojo Rematch Squad

Here is each team member along with their respective gears, movesets, and tv spreads.


Gear: Fake Beard
innki dojo rematch


Gear: Bait
hedgine dojo rematch


Gear: War Drum
golzy dojo rematch


Gear: Double Screen
raignet dojo rematch


Gear: Chamomille
zaobian dojo rematch


Gear: Nutrition Bar
nidrasil dojo rematch


Gear: Sweatband
scaravolt dojo rematch


Gear: Heavy Armor
mawmense dojo rematch

As you can see from the video, the AI was stuck switching into different Tems constantly due to the lack of a reliable counter for my squad.

The key to ensuring victory is locking down his opposing Electric moves with your Raignet. With Minothor effectively neutralized, your Electric Tem like Golzy and your Digital Tem like Hedgine can wreck the rest of his team with ease.

Unfortunately, Percival always goes for a quick ban on Innki. This is likely due to Innki being able to hit his entire team for super-effective damage.

His Minothor, for example, can be easily OHKO'd by even the weakest Crystal-type move from Innki.

The most annoying Tem in his squad is undoubtedly Tuwire. Its trait, Common Factor, completely eliminates your ability to hit his team with super-effective Electric moves.

Fortunately, this only lasts for 2 turns but it can be annoying and sometimes cost you the game. Overall, Percival isn't too tough with the right squad.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 02/27/2023


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