Re: Legends Taming Guide

taming guide re legends

Taming in Re: Legends

Taming in Re: Legends is a little more complicated than in other games within the genre. In Pokemon and Temtem for example, you need to weaken your target and throw some type of device at it to capture it. Within Re: Legends, you need to ride them into submission.

The riding game is a short minigame that I struggled so much to complete that I ended up uninstalling the game and not playing it for several months. I only picked the game back up a few weeks before the release of v1.0 for PC.

Find out the favorite food of the Magnus

favorite food for magnus

To tame a Magnus, you must first feed it its favorite food. For Magnus like Newt, Meat and Juicy Meat are preferred. Toss 2 -3 of them at the Magnus and wait for a circle of hearts to engulf the beast. As soon as it reaches its state, you can mount them by pressing the F key.

How to beat the taming mini game

taming not working re legends

Admittedly, the taming mini-game took meet an obscene amount of time to master. My problem was that I was following the wrong arrow. You will need to press the appropriate WASD key as indicated by the larger arrow that appears outside the circle.

Now, if you find that after several tries, you cannot tame a Magnus, you may want to check the hardware you are using. If you have an external keyboard connected via Bluetooth, there may be a bit of latency between your keystrokes and the CPU.

Since the arrows change fast, you might miss them if your clicks are not registered quickly enough. Try to go for a wired connection and see if that helps. If a wired connection is not possible be sure to turn off other devices that are connected to your computer via Bluetooth.

Having multiple devices communicating at the same frequency might be causing the signal to get delayed enough for you to miss the changing arrows. If you are using a laptop, use the embedded keyboard instead of an external one. Provided there are no hardware issues present, if you follow the arrows properly, your Magnus should be tamed in no time.

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