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Roblox is probably only second to Minecraft in terms of consistent player count for both adults and children alike. In honor of my kid's favorite games, I've thrown together the ultimate Roblox trivia that is sure to give even the most hardcore Robloxers a hard time.

For your enjoyment and education, keep on scrolling for more fun facts and statistics about one of the greatest online games of all time.

What are the most popular Roblox games?

As of writing, the most popular Roblox game according to Statista is Brookhaven RP. A close second is AdoptMe. Here is a chart that displays the latest Roblox player counts.

Popular Roblox Games

Little Known Roblox Facts

  • Before it became the platform we know today, Roblox was originally conceived under the name "Dynablocks" during its early development phase.

  • Developers occasionally create hidden "Easter Egg" games within popular Roblox games, challenging dedicated fans to find them.

  • Roblox has a virtual economy where the rarest items were originally sold for less than 100 Robux, now fetching millions in trades.

  • The first ever Roblox user wasn't the creator, but a test account named "Admin."

  • Roblox's vast user-generated catalog includes items inspired by real-world fashion brands, created by users in tribute to their favorite labels.

  • One of Roblox's rarest badges, the "Homestead Badge," is awarded to creators whose creations attract a significant number of visits.

  • The terrain and physics engine used in Roblox games today was originally developed for a 2D physics simulator project.

  • "Builderman," one of the most recognized characters in Roblox, is actually based on David Baszucki, the platform's co-founder.

  • The first game to reach 1 million visits was a simple obstacle course, showcasing the platform's early emphasis on user-generated content.

  • Roblox's logo has evolved over the years, with each iteration reflecting the platform's growth and expanding community.

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