Roblox Tax Calculator

Roblox Tax Calculator

Roblox is a lovely place to escape the hustle and trials of everyday life. However, there is one thing you cannot escape no matter where you go: taxes.

Fortunately, the taxes aren't as steep as they are in real life, and everyone, no matter their income, pays their fair share. To determine the taxes you will have to pay in developer exchange fees, use my super simple Robux fees calculator below.

Keep in mind that the cash minimum for the DevEx program is 30,000 Robux.

What are developer fees in Roblox?

Within the world of Roblox, developers who participate in what is known as the Developer Exchange program, or DevEx, can expect to receive around 24.5% of the revenue generated with their games to keep.

Roblox will retain the remaining 75.5%.

Are the fees Roblox collects fair?

Building a game and only collecting less than a quarter of the money you generate with it sounds horribly unfair. However, developing on Roblox does come with some benefits that you simply do not see on other platforms.

Here are some of the benefits of developing on Roblox:

Roblox provides the recognition that indie devs pray for.

Independent game developers have an extremely hard time securing the funding to promote and scale their games. As such, many turn to Kickstarter programs and their own bank accounts to raise the funds needed to get their games in front of players.

With Roblox, however, you are already on a platform with millions of people who are eager to try out a new game. Both adults and children alike spend crazy hours playing games on Roblox, so your game is more likely to attract players than if it were sitting in Google Play or the App Store.

Cross Play from the start.

As the average person will typically have a mobile device and a larger computer device like a tablet or laptop, the ability to have crossplay is highly sought after. And as any developer will tell you, writing code that works on every platform is one of the hardest things to do.

With Roblox, this is not a concern; you can build a Roblox game once and it will work on console, PC, Windows, Mac, mobile, and just about anywhere else.

Roblox handles all your infrastructure needs.

If you develop anything on your own, you'll have to provision a server, set up a database, deal with a hosting service, and a myriad of other things. Roblox devs don't have such concerns as the platform handles all the infrastructure.

No need to worry about security, server redundancy, backups, or any of the complexities that come with maintaining an application.

To make your Robux to real-world money conversion a little easier, please refer to the chart below.

# Robux Real Dollars (USD)
1 How much is 30,000 in DevEx? $105.00
2 How much is 50,000 in DevEx? $175.00
3 How much is 100,000 in DevEx?
4 How much is 500,000 in DevEx? $1,750.00
5 How much is 1,000,000 in DevEx? $3,500.00

Know your fees and budget accordingly.

Knowing how much you'll pay in taxes and fees is vital to running a successful business. To help your users and yourself, I've also put together this super simple tool to help you budget real-world dollars for Robux purchases. Head over to my Robux Calculator today.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 04/21/2024


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