Does Coromon Have Shinies?

Shiny Coromon in Battle

Shiny Coromon

Coromon does have it's own version of shinies, similar to Pokemon. However, Coromon has two distinct types of shinies that have their own unique color scheme.

In the game, you can encounter either a standard, potent, or perfect Coromon. The most common type is standard, potent is the second most rare, and perfect has the highest rarity.

What are the perfect Coromon odds?

At the time of writing, finding a perfect Coromon in the wild carries a 1 in 3,194 chance. These might sound like low odds but compared to the shiny odds in Temtem perfect odds almost sound like a guarantee.

Your chances of finding a potent Coromon are a bit higher at 92 in 3,194 or 2.88%. This isn't so bad as most people will encounter a few on their first play-through.

And in some cases, you may find the color palette of the potent variant superior to the perfect. This is the case with Bearealis.

To me, the blue color is way better than the odd pinkish-red color it gets in its perfect state.

How can I increase increase perfect Coromon odds?

Fortunately, Coromon makes it a lot easier to increase your chances of finding shinies than Temtem or Pokemon. You can obtain an item known as the Potent Scent to increase your odds from 1 in 3,194 to 3 in 3,194.

Potent Scents can be found as loot throughout the game and is also craftable with the following recipe.

  • 3x Cuco Fruit
  • 3x Ber Fruit
  • 10x Sweetshroom
  • 15x Zenshroom
  • 15x Fungus

There is also a reward for achieving Milestone 15 that grants you a single Potent Scent. Once you have it, grab your favorite caffeinated beverage and start hunting!

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 01/29/2023


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