Does Temtem Have STAB?

stab bonus in temtem

Does Temtem have STAB?

Similar to Pokemon and Coromon, Temtem has STAB. The multiplier for Temtem is 1.5x the base power of the attack.

So, an Electric type Temtem like Golzy will gain an extra 50% in damage output when using an Electric type move.

Which abilities increase STAB?

In Temtem, there is a trait that increases the power bonus received from STAB. The trait known as Stabmaster increases the user's STAB bonus by an extra 40%.

This means Temtem carrying this trait have their power boosted by a whopping 90%. At the time of writing, the only Temtem that can carry this trait is the neutral type Tem Momo.

This ability combined with powerful moves along with Momo's high attack power makes her a top-tier threat in competitive battles.

Mega Lucario in Pokemon had a similar ability called Adapatibility. This gave Lucario an extra 50% boost to its STAB moves.

The overwhelming power boost this provided caused Mega Lucario to be banned from standard competitive play by those who abided by the Smogon tiering rules.

Temtem ability that allows for multiple STAB moves

The Temtem equivalent of the Pokemon ability Protean is Attack-T. This ability, like Protean, changes the typing of the user to that of the last move it used.

Currently, only the Zaobian line can carry this trait. Unlike Protean in Pokemon, Attack-T users retain their primary typing and gain a secondary typing.

As such, Zaobian will always retain its Digital typing along with its STAB, resistances, and weaknesses. Learning to use STAB moves and move prediction are vital to succeeding in the Temtem competitive scene.

Choose your STAB moves and squad members wisely and you'll win Dojo Rematches and PvP battles with ease.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 01/14/2023


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