Temtem Auction House Pricing Guide

temtem auction house prices

Where can I sell Temtem?

A unique function of Temtem is that the game allows you to sell your Temtem for Pansuns. It is by far the easiest way to get decent enough Tems for the Dojo Rematches without doing the breeding yourself. To start buying and selling Temtem, head over to one of the three auction houses.

How much is my Temtem worth?

temtem auction house pricing

A Temtem's worth is based on these categories: TVs, Fetility Leaves, Egg Moves, Traits, Competitive Viability, and Luma status. At the time of writing, there is no API available that lists the current prices of Temtem in the auction house. As such, the accuracy of these prices will be largely dependent on my ability to keep the data up-to-date.

I am buying and selling Temtem a few times a week so you can rest assured that this data will be kept fresh!

Luma Temtem

luma auction house

Lumas are the rarest Temtem in the game and are the most valuable within the auction house. If you are not having any luck with the radars or Saipark, you may want to consider saving Pasuns to purchase one instead. I purchased a Luma Zaobian for around 75K after I failed to land one after roughly 4K encounters.

Every since Temtem Radars became more readily available due to the feathers system Luma Temtem have become much cheaper. In addition to the radars, Crema lowered the Luma encounter rate so there are way more shiny creatures walking around now.

Here is how much you expect a Luma Temtem to be worth.

Perfect TVs Viable Trait Egg Moves Fertility Leaves Competitive Worth
7 Yes All 0 - 8 Yes 1.5 - 2 million

The above is the most expensive Temtem you can find in the auction house. With perfect TVs, egg moves and all the other boxes checked, you will truly have a perfect Temtem.

If a Temtem only has 3 perfect TVs, the price dips percipitously. The Luma Zaobian I bought was only 70K because it had just 3 perfect stats. It also had a poor speed stat at 7, so I'm sure this caused its worth to drop.

In general, Luma Temtem with only 3 perfect TVs should never cost more than 150k if the other TVs are in the green (40+). Their worth drops if other TVs are below 40, particularly if it hurts the Tem's competitive viability. For example, a sweeper with low TVs in offensive stats would not be worth millions.

Tems with TVs in the high 40s may stil be worth millions, however, if they have enough fertility leaves. Telemore Hacks can increase a Luma Temtem's TVs at the cost of a single fertility leaf.

Non-Luma Temtem

luma auction house temtem

Perfect TVs Viable Trait Egg Moves Fertility Leaves Competitive Worth
7 Yes All 0 - 8 Yes 40 - 50K

As you can see, the value of a perfect Temtem drops signficantly if it is not a Luma. I grabbed a perfect Valash with the Scavanger Trait and egg moves for about 40K Pansuns.

How much are non-perfect non-Luma Temtem worth?

Most of the non-perfect, non-luma Temtem you see in the auction house are "Breedjects". This does not mean they are not worth the money, however. One person's Breedject is another person's Dojo Rematch champion.

Here is a pricing table for those Temtem.

Perfect TVs Viable Trait Egg Moves Fertility Leaves Competitive Worth
4 - 6 Yes All 0 - 8 Yes 1k - 8K

You should never pay more than 8K for a non-perfect Temtem, even if it has egg moves and the trait you want. Even if you are desparate, it's better to wait for a fair deal than to get scammed out of your hard earned Pansuns.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 10/17/2022


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