TemTem Trade House Guide

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How Does The Trade House Work?

The Trade House works similar to eBay in that you will compete against others to win auctions for TemTem and other items. Some auctions also have a buyout option (just like eBay) which allows you to forgo the bidding wars, pay your Pansuns, and get on with your adventure.

Whenever you place a bid the game automatically deducts the Pansuns from your account. This is done prior to the auction concluding. If you lose the auction, you will be refunded. However, keep in mind that the number of Pansuns you wagered will be inaccessible until the auction is over or until you have been outbid.

Auctions can last for days or hours. The game notifies you if you win via the in-game notification menu. You will also be notified if you are outbid.

Pro Tip: When bidding, be sure remain close the auction computer as auctions are done in real time. Every second counts!

Where is The Trade House?

auction house location in temtem

As of CU1, there are 3 auction houses available in the game. There is one in Deniz, Tucma, and Arbury. The easiest to access is the one in Tucma. Using the instant matter transporter or riding the airship will place you a short distance from the auction house in Quetzal.

On the map, you can easily spot the auction house as it has a picture of a hammer on the building.

How To Win TemTem Auctions

easy temtem auction wins

You can employ the same tactics used to win eBay auctions as you do to win your TemTem bidding competitions. First, try to bid as close to the end of the auction as possible. Bidding early just means you will have to stick around the area a lot longer.

If a bid has a few hours or a few days left, leave and come back when it gets down to about 5 minutes or less. In the eBay world, this is known as snipe bidding. In the Airbound Archipelago, however, auction wins are not so straightforward.

When you place a bid on an auction that has less than 2 minutes remaining, the game will reset the clock back to a full 2 minutes! This is a bit weird, but being aware of this can prevent you from prematurly doing a victory dance!

auction house keeps resetting time

This clock reset isn't endless. You will eventually win if you keep bidding. There is also a chance your competition walked away from their PS5 or PC long enough to let time expire, which allows you a cheaper win.

How To Claim Your TemTem or Item

5 sv temtem

After you win your auction, it's time to claim your prize! It won't automatically appear in your box, unfortunately. You'll need to head back to the auction PC, and select the My Bids option from the menu. Once you are there, all you need to do is click claim and your newly won TemTem or item will be deposited in seconds.

Avoid Overbidding

Many of the Tems up for auction are ones that other tamers did not want to use competitively. They either have undesirable traits, bad SVs, no more fertility left, or combination of all 3. As such, you may not want to shell out thousands of pansuns for them.

A good purchase is a Tem that has a few leaves left on its fertility branch (if you intend to breed it), egg moves, and decent SVs. Also, lumas and other Tems with low spawn rates are worthwhile if you don't have the time to look for them yourselves.

Exercise the same discretion you would if you were shopping out in the real world and you can avoid wasting those hard-earned Pansun on a mediocre Tem! Treat The Trade House like eBay and you will be winning bids in no time.

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