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vbucks calculator

Whether you've got your eye on those awesome Dragon Ball skins or you want a cool weapon, you're going to need plenty of VBucks. To figure out exactly how many you need, use my Fortnite Vbuck Calculator below.

To get started, simply enter the number of V-Bucks you want, and the V-Bucks to USD conversion will start instantly. As an added bonus, you'll receive a purchase recommendation, including leftover V-Bucks and their monetary value, along with the types of items you can purchase.

What is the conversion rate for Vbucks?

A single Vbuck is worth approximately $0.0059. Here is a quick breakdown of common Vbucks purchase denominations and their worth in USD.

  • 1,000 Vbucks is worth $5.90 USD

  • 2,800 Vbucks is worth $16.52 USD

  • 5,000 Vbucks is worth $29.50 USD

  • 13,500 Vbucks is $79.65 USD

How much is one VBuck?

Although you cannot puchase one vbuck, if you could it would cost you around $0.0059. A price we could all stomach, even with the current rate of inflation.

How much is 1500 Vbucks?

If you're pockets are a little deeper, 1500 vbucks will cost you around $8.85. And if you've got a little more in gaming budget and are wondering how much is 1800 v bucks in dollars, its roughly $10.62.

How many Vbucks for $20?

If you've got a crisp $20 bill to part with you can purchase 3500 Vbucks.

Is Roblox more Expensive than Fortnite?

At its highest, each Robux is worth $0.0125 whereas a single Vbuck is worth $0.0059. This makes Robux more expensive per unit than V-Bucks. However, the overall cost will vary greatly depending on what you purchase.

Enhance your gameplay without going bankrupt

Be sure to bookmark this Fornite calculator to help budget your in game purchases. Buying skins and battle passes is addictive and can put you in a financial bind if you're not careful.

If you're into Roblox and want to figure out how far your dollars will go on that platform, head over to my Robux Calculator! Your visit is greatly appreciated as a recent Google update smacked by Roblox tool out of the top 2, resulting in a nasty drop in traffic for my site.

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