Volcadon Competitive Moveset

coromon fire starter moveset

Is Volcadon the best Fire type in Coromon?

Volcadon is the final evolution of the fire-type starter Coromon Toruga. Its the first starter Coromon you can find in the wild. You can locate it on the 3rd floor of Mount Muspel.

Volcadon excels in Speed and Special Attack but has mediocre defensive states. It's not quite a glass cannon, like Ecylptor, but definitely not a tank.

What is the best trait for Volcadon?

best toruga build

Bearealis can learn one of four traits listed below.

Trait Name What it does? Competitive Use Rank
Vegetarian Gives the Coromon 30% HP when it consumes a Fruit. The best of the abilities in my opinion. This 30% HP stacks with the effects of the fruit you have equipped to Volcadon. So you could get a stat boost from a fruit like the Dally Fruit and a decent chunk of HP. 1
Steam Layer Boosts Volcadon's Sp Defense during a Heatwave. This is similar to how Rock types in Pokemon get a boost in their Sp Defense when Sandstorm is up. Its a viable option but reliant on weather to be effective. 2
Thick Skin Volcadon is immune to critical hits. Getting smacked with a critical hit is very annoying. They always seem to happen to me at worst time possible. This is an ok alternative but its a bit to random for my taste. 3
Gourmand Volcadon gets an additional 50% HP and SP when eating a cake. All I get when eating cake is additional calories! But this is useless during competitive matches since you can't use items. This is pretty good in-game though. 4

Best Volcadon Moveset

Volcadon is excels at special attacks but isn't so great at physical attacks. Unfortunately, as of writing, it doesn't have access to a wide pool of special attacks. A lot of its coverage is physical, so it'll need to run a mixed set so it isn't walled.

Moveset Why it works
Firestorm / Detonate / Crunch / Poison Chomp Firestorm is the main attack with Detonate being used as a higher power option when needed. The latter drops Volcadon's Sp Attack by one stage when used, so try not to spam it. Crunch is physical but its needed to prevent Volcadon from being walled by water type Coromon. Poison chomp hits Normal types for super effective damage and has a 50% chance of poisoning.
Firestorm / Poison Chomp / Disable / Last Stand This is a set that I have not had a ton of success with but others might. The idea is to disable the opponent's primary attacking move and then attempt to poison with Poison Chomp. You have a 50% chance of triggering the poison, so you will probably get it. Last Stand is there to help Volcodon stay alive when hit with attacks that should have KO'd it. While you survive the hit, the poison ticks should start chipping away and then Volcodon with its high speed can blast it with the fire move of your choosing.

Held item for Volcadon

I like to run either a Dally Fruit to boost Sp Attack when HP is low or the Engeriser Gem .

Potential Points for Volcadon

Since Volcadon is in weird spot in that most of its coverage moves rely on its weaker stats, it would behoove players to split points between its Sp Attack and Phys Attack. A 1/3 split between Sp Attack, Attack, and Speed would work well for most mixed sets.

Is Volcadon viable for competitive?

I love Volcadon's design but it requires a great deal of support and doesn't have enough special moves to complement his great special attack. As such, I don't see him as being viable on most teams at this point.

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