Who is Skar King from Godzilla x Kong?

Evil Orangutan Titan

Skar King is a Kong like titan who resides in Hollow Earth. He stands roughly 313 feet tall and has a long, slender, kick boxer-like build, standing in contrast with Kong' more muscular wrestler-esque frame.

He has resided in Hollow Earth for centuries and rules what is presumably the last of Kong's species as a merciless dictator. Here is a quick summary of Skar King's stats.

Height Build Weapon(s) Temperment Goal
313 feet Slender, Muscular Kong Whip, Mystic Crystal, Shimo Influence Cruel Destroying Godzilla and conquering the surface world

What does Skar King want?

Similar to King Ghidora, Skar King desires are to mold the surface world to his liking and get revenge on Godzilla. Unlike Godzilla and many other titans, he seems to genuinely enjoy tormenting all living creatures.

He loves to inflict pain and humiliate anyone who he does't like. This is evident in his first interaction with Kong when he laughs at the latter's replacement metal canine tooth.

Another display of his sociopathic tendencies is showcased when he casually kicks another ape into lava for defending Suko.

What are Skar King's Weapons?

  • Kong Whip

  • Mystical Crystal - Used to inflict pain on and control Shimo.

  • Kong Army - Total and complete control over an entire army of Kongs.

The most powerful weapon in the maniacal king's arsenal is the crystal he uses to control Shimo. With it, he can topple opposing armies and enslave entire populations of powerful titans.

His melee weapon, which I refer to as the Kong Whip, is a powerful, solid whip that can lacerate and lasso opponents with ease. He managed to nearly strangle Kong with it and was even able to tear off the top of a building and hurl it across a city.

What is Skar King's relationship to Shimo?

Shimo is Skar King's captive weapon. He keeps her under control with a mythical crystal that inflicts pain on the otherwise mild-mannered titan.

While under Skar King's control, Shimon will obey his every order. Even going as far as to let him use her as a mount and blast anyone or anything with ice blasts cold enough to alter the Earth's climate.

Is Suko Skar King's son?

Although they look similar, Suko does not appear to be related to Skar King. It is fairly common for murderous rulers to impregnate the females under their rule in an effort to further their bloodline.

But alas, exploring the relationship between Suko and Skar King is another missed opportunity of G x K.

Who is stronger, Kong or Skar King?

Physically, Skar King is much weaker than Kong. In hand-to-hand combat with no weapons, Skar King would not stand a chance. Kong can easily remove the whip Skar King ties around his neck, slam him to the ground, and prevent him from standing.

Now, it's entirely possible that Skar King was much stronger in his earlier conquests, but years of being a dictator whom everyone was afraid to challenge caused him to slack. In addition, the ability to threaten foes into submission easily with Shimo likely helped him avoid any battles.

Given his high status, he probably doesn't do much hunting or foraging on his own either. Kong on the other hand, has had to fight and fend for himself all his life. Being battle-hardened through many hunts for food and fighting with threats like Godzilla, Mecha Godzilla, and skull crawlers have undoubtedly made Kong immensely strong and resilient.

Who is stronger, Skar King or Godzilla?

Without Shimo, Godzilla would one-shot Skar King even in his base form. King Kong himself really didn't have an answer for Godzilla's atomic breath.

Even if range combat is somehow avoided, melee attacks from Skar King would do little to damage the nuclear bomb-resistant hide of Godzilla.

What happens to Skar King in Godzilla x Kong?

Skar King is ultimately killed through the combined efforts of Kong, Shimo, Godzilla, and the adorable mini titan Suko. Ironically, it was those who were hurt the most by Skar King that contributed the most to his death.

Suko was the hero that smashed the mythical crystal used to control Shimo with Kong's battle axe. Once Shimo broke free, he decided to turn his former tormentor into a monkey pop. From there, Kong smashed him to pieces and officially ended his cruel, centuries-long reign of terror.

Is Skar King going to be in the next Godzilla x Kong?

Skar King likely will not be in Godzilla x King 3. He was killed, and the Kong species cannot reincarnate like Mothra. There is a possibility his mind will be transferred into a Mecha Kong like a robot, similar to what happened with Mecha Godzilla.

Skar King - The Villain who needed more screen time

I found Skar King fascinating, although I rooted for his downfall ever since he made fun of my boy Kong's new tooth. I'm hoping for a spin off show or at least a comic or two that delves into his backstory a little more.

I'd love to know how he discovered the crystal he used to control Shimo. His bloodlust and desire for conquest remind me of Frieza from the Dragon Ball Series.

His backstory and that of Shimo's felt supremely rushed, which is a shame that hopefully is corrected sometime in the near future. Maybe Apple TV's hit series Monarch can touch on the history of Skar King and the rest of Kong's race.

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