Wolf Name Generator with Unique Powers

Wolf Standing in the Dark

Get the perfect names for your wolf using the tool below. Each click will grant you a cool wolf name and a unique ability. I've got you covered with the first set of six, if you don't like those simply click the generate button to receive a new set of names. If you want to decrease or increase the output of names, adjust the slider below accordingly.


Wolves are fascinating creatures that have been part of storytelling for centuries. They are so cool that many people consider keeping the majestic beats as pets. But, can you legally keep a wolf as a pet? Yes in some cases, but should you? We'll answer that question and more in the sections below.

Shoudl I get a pet Wolf?

If you've got the land, knowledge, and proper life insurance, a pet wolf could be the creature for you. Keep in mind that owning a wolf is a dangerous thing to do and no matter how long you have the animal, it will always retain it's natural instincts.

As such, at any moment you could be on the receiving end of one of the most powerful bites in the animal kingdom. It may also be illegal to own a purebred wolf and even where such an act is permissable, you'll need to be licensed and meet all sorts of regulatory requirements.

Instead of buying a purebred wolf, it may be safer and cheaper to opt for a dog with some wolf DNA in it. Even so, there are certain regulations that dictate the allowable percentage of wolf for certain dog breeds.

What percetage of Wolf is legal to own?

In the United States, there is currently no federal law that regulates the percentage of wolf a hybrid can have, but state governments impose them. In Florida, for example, your hybrid can be up to 25% wolf. Anything in excess of this is not allowed. In states like California, you cannot have a hybrid at all.

Hybrids iwthin the same litter may carry varying percetages of Wolf DNA so you'll need to be certain of the animal's DNA before purchasing. Failure to do so may result in hefty fines and loss of your pet to the government.

Play it safe, and care for your fantasy wolf instead!

Instead of buying a wold or hybrid, use the Fantasy Wolf Generator to come up with a cool nickname for your wolf character. And if you want to bring the puppy to life, head over to my list of the best Wolf Pokemon and raise one in your favorite Pokemon game.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 06/09/2024


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