Random Pokemon Region Generator

Randomly Generated Pokemon Region

Get ready to journey into your very own, original Pokemon region with your starter Pokemon by your side. Each click of the generator below will grant you everything you need to conquer the new region.

  • The name of your rival.

  • Your starter Pokemon and its moveset.

  • The professor.

  • A backstory for your character, parents, professor, or region.


What Can I Use the Region Name Generator for?

You can use the Pokemon Region name generator for tons of cool things. I've listed some awesome ideas below. Keep in mind that some of these may require some decent coding and creative skills.

These are only a few ideas but the possibilities are nearly endles, with AI tools automating coding tasks and assisting with creating, its never been easier to create a new Pokemon game and region. For additional inspiration: keep on scrolling to learn about my favorite region in the entire Pokemon series.

The best Pokemon region

The Johto region is the best region when it comes to the core video games. It introduced the breeding mechanic, shiny Pokemon, baby Pokemon, berries, held items, two new types, and a host of other features. Pokemon's second generation was when the series transitioned into a full-fledged competitive game.

It was also the region that introduced my favorite starter Pokemon of all time, Totodile. This little croc wasn't the most powerful monster around but he was undoubtedly the cutest. He eventually gained the hidden ability Sheer Force and access to Dragon Dance, which helped him a bit more on the competitive front.

Nostalgia and personal preferences aside, the Johto region games provided players with the most content to date. In Pokemon Gold and Silver, you could gain a total of 16 badges. Trainers could travel through the Johto region and back to Kanto.

It was a great feature that Pokemon fans like myself have been longing for ever since. The ability to experience a past generation with new generation mechanics and updates makes games like Pokemon Soul Silver and Pokemon Heart Gold endlessly replayable.

What are the Pokemon regions based on?

Each Pokemon region draws inspiration from a real world nation or region. For example, Pokemon Black and White was based on New York city while Galar drew inspiration from the United Kingdom. Here are all the Pokemon regions and their real world counterparts.

  1. Kanto - Kanto region in Japan

  2. Johto - Kansai region in Japan

  3. Hoenn - Kyushu region in Japan

  4. Sinnoh - Hokkaido region in Japan

  5. Unova - New York

  6. Kalos - France

  7. Alola - Hawaii

  8. Galar - United Kingdom

  9. Paldea - Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal)

Keep randomizing to boost your creativity

When it comes to creating, it can be hard to come up with original and fun new ideas. This is where generators like mine come in handy. Be sure to check bookmark this page and check back frequently as I'm constantly update this and many of my other tools with new content.

If you fancy more Pokemon themed content, my site has plenty! Check out my Random Pokemon Generator, complete with an easy to import Pokemon Showdown moveset and EV spread. Or, if you'd like to become a Gym Leader head over to my Pokemon Gym Leader creator. Each click will grant you a unique name, the type you specialize and a complete set of 6 Pokemon.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 5/19/2023


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