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Come up with original super powers for your character with my AI powered super hero power generator. Each click comes with these awesome features.

  • Your power's limitation

  • Your main weakness

  • The height and weight of your hero

If you don't like the twelve powers you get, click the 'Suffle Powers' button for a new set of cool powers.

Super powers are what make characters memorable. Here are some the best powers in anime, television, and film.

The Best Superpowers


If you can control your enemy's thoughts, there is little they can do to stop you. It doesn't matter if you can fly or can lift a planet, if someone controls your brain they can simply stop you from breathing.


The power of invisibility allows you to move unseen among friends and foes alike, making it the perfect tool for espionage and stealth attacks. Without being seen, you can avoid most physical confrontations altogether, giving you the upper hand in any situation.

Time Manipulation

Manipulating time offers the ability to pause, rewind, or fast-forward reality, providing unmatched tactical advantages in any conflict. Imagine correcting mistakes in real-time or aging an adversary in seconds—the possibilities are limitless.

Super Strength

With the power of super strength, obstacles become trivial as you can lift, push, or smash through barriers with ease. This power not only makes you formidable in battle but also invaluable in rescue operations and heavy lifting tasks.

Healing Factor

A rapid healing factor not only regenerates your wounds, allowing you to recover from injuries in moments, but it also grants you near-immortality. This ability ensures that you can withstand severe battles and come out relatively unscathed.

Energy Manipulation

Control over energy enables you to create and manipulate energy in various forms, be it electricity, fire, or pure kinetic blasts. This versatility can be used defensively to protect oneself or offensively to subdue opponents.

What Heroes Have the Worst Powers?


Aquaman's ability to communicate with marine life and breathe underwater is OP in the ocean but literally every where else, he's virtually useless.

While he commands great respect in aquatic environments, on dry land, you're better off waiting for Batman to show up.


Jubilee's initial power to create sparkles or small bursts of colorful energy might dazzle at parties, but they lack the punch needed during serious superhero confrontations.

Despite their visual flair, these pyrotechnics often fail to stop villains who are capable of much more destructive acts, rendering her abilities more entertaining than effective.

Matter-Eater Lad

Matter-Eater Lad can consume any material, no matter how durable, which sounds helpful until you need more than just a big appetite to battle evildoers.

His power is perfect for party tricks or disposing of evidence but lacks the offensive or defensive capabilities necessary for most heroic feats.

Color Kid

Color Kid can alter the color of objects, a power with minimal combat utility and more suited to artistic endeavors than superhero battles.

This ability to change hues might confuse an opponent momentarily but typically doesn't sway the outcome of a serious threat.

Squirrel Girl

Communicating with squirrels gives Squirrel Girl a unique connection to nature, yet it's often not seen as a powerful asset when compared to the strengths of other superheroes.

Though she has pulled off surprising victories in the comics, the practicality of her power in high-stakes situations is frequently questioned outside of those unusual contexts.


Arm-Fall-Off-Boy has the peculiar ability to detach his limbs and use them as weapons, an unusual and somewhat grotesque power that offers limited tactical advantage.

While the shock value of wielding a detached limb may unsettle opponents momentarily, it hardly compensates for the lack of more conventional superheroic strengths.


Zeitgeist can vomit acid, which might have some applications in combat, yet it's not only distasteful but also less effective compared to more direct combat abilities.

The need to be in close proximity to use this power effectively also places him at greater risk of counterattack, diminishing its overall utility.

Leather Boy

Leather Boy has no actual superpowers, originally misunderstanding an advertisement for heroes and believing his fetish gear was a qualification.

This misinterpretation led to his brief and ineffective tenure with the Great Lakes Avengers, where his lack of abilities was glaringly obvious.

Hindsight Lad

Hindsight Lad can perfectly understand what should have been done after the fact, which provides no real-time benefits during conflicts or crises.

His power to see mistakes only in retrospect is more frustrating than helpful, as it doesn't prevent the initial errors from occurring.

Use both good and bad powers as inspiration for your characters

Whether good or bad, each hero's power can server as inspiration for your heroic characters. Use my generator to help get those creative juices flowing. Once you've landed (pun intended) on a power, head over to my Super Hero Name Generator that gives you a cool name and an awesome backstory to go along with it.

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