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To create the perfect name for your next Elder Scrolls playthrough, use my simple, AI powered Elder Scrolls Name Generator below.

Simply choose a gender or leave that option blank, select generate and in milliseconds you'll gain access to thousands of cool Skyrim names, a unique birth sign, and their occupation.


For additional inspiration, here are some factors to consider when naming characters of the various races in Elder Scrolls.

Nord Names

Nord names, echoing the snowy peaks of Skyrim, often carry the weight of their ancestors. They are robust, often inspired by the harsh, cold environment in which they live.

Names like 'Bjorn Ironside' or 'Astrid Stormcloak' reflect their culture's values of strength, bravery, and endurance.

Khajiit Names

Khajiit names, with their lilting tones, often have meanings tied to the lunar phases under which they are born. These names can be mystical, reflecting their deep cultural and spiritual connections.

Names like 'M'aiq the Liar' or 'J'zargo' carry the mystique and agility that are characteristic of their race.

Argonian Names

Argonian names, often derived from their native Jel language, carry the essence of their life's path or their nature. These names are deeply connected to the Hist and their marshy homeland.

Names such as 'Shadowscale' or 'Deep-In-His-Cups' are not just identifiers; they are stories in themselves.

Naming of Alchemy and Potions are a little different. We'll explore that in the next section.

Alchemy and Potion Naming

In the mystical world of Tamriel, alchemists are akin to chefs of the arcane. They blend rare ingredients, sourced from the furthest reaches of the land, to brew potions of great power and utility.

Yet, the art of potion making goes beyond mere concoction; it's the naming that bestows a potion its true essence. From 'Elixir of Fleetness' to 'Draught of Strength', each name tells a story, a whisper of the potion's heart.

For instance, consider the 'Philter of the Phantom'. More than a simple invisibility potion, its name evokes a sense of mystery and allure. It's not just the ingredients that make a potion but the name that captures its soul.

And in this world, where magic and lore intertwine, a well-named potion can be as sought after as the magical effects it imparts. Thus, alchemists spend as much time on their naming scrolls as they do over their cauldrons.

Elder Scrolls Potion Recipes

Let's delve into a fantasy potion recipe. 'Serum of Solar Brilliance' - a concoction that promises to harness the sun's energy. It's a blend of sunflower petals, powdered moonstone, and a drop of phoenix tear.

The name itself is a beacon of light and power, suggesting an imbued vitality and vigor for those who partake. In naming, the alchemist captures the essence of the sun, transforming the potion into liquid radiance.

Every potion, from healing draughts to poisons, carries a name that reflects its creation story and intended use. 'Venom of the Nightshade', for example, isn’t just a poison; it's a tale of dangerous beauty, as lethal as the flower from which it is derived.

Thus, in the realm of alchemy, a name is more than a label. It's an invocation, a spell woven into the very fabric of the potion, giving it life beyond its physical form.

Another important part of Elder Scrolls lore is your character's birth sign. Here are some popular birth signs and what they mean.

The Apprentice

In the celestial tapestry of Tamriel, The Apprentice shines as a symbol of learning and curiosity. This birthsign blesses its bearers with a natural affinity for magic, often at the cost of their physical resilience.

Marked by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, those born under The Apprentice are seen as natural scholars, ever eager to unlock the mysteries of the arcane.

The Atronach

The Atronach, often called The Golem, stands as a beacon of untapped potential. Its influence grants immense magical power, coupled with an inability to regenerate this energy conventionally.

This paradoxical birthsign creates individuals who are magical reservoirs, wielding great power with careful consideration.

The Lady

Grace and compassion are the hallmarks of The Lady. Those under this sign are blessed with a harmonious balance of heart and mind, making them natural mediators and healers.

They move through life with an inherent charm and a soothing presence, often becoming the linchpin of their communities.

Here are some popular guilds and how they may be important to your character.

Dark Brotherhood

The Dark Brotherhood, a guild shrouded in mystery, commands a chilling presence in Tamriel. Members, known as Shadowscales or Silencers, often bear names that evoke fear and respect.

Titles like 'Listener' or 'Night Mother's Keeper' are not only ranks but a testament to their lethal prowess and unwavering loyalty to Sithis.

Thieves Guild

The Thieves Guild, masters of stealth and guile, operate in the shadows of Tamriel's cities. Members like 'The Gray Fox' carry names that often reflect their cunning nature and dexterity.

Titles such as 'Master Thief' or 'Shadowfoot' signify not only skill but also a reputation earned in the art of stealth and burglary.

College of Winterhold

The College of Winterhold is a bastion of arcane knowledge. Mages and scholars here are often named after their area of magical expertise, like 'Firehand' or 'Iceveins'.

Titles such as 'Arch-Mage' or 'Master Wizard' reflect their scholarly achievements and mastery over the arcane arts.

Finally, here are some super popular, legendary characters in Elder Scroll and a little about their history.

Talos, the Dragonborn

Talos, revered as a god, was once a mortal known as Tiber Septim. His name is synonymous with strength and honor, and his legacy as the unifier of Tamriel is legendary.

Talos embodies the spirit of the Dragonborn, a warrior blessed by the dragons, and his name remains a symbol of power and respect.

Azura, the Daedric Prince

Azura, the Queen of Dawn and Dusk, commands reverence and awe. Her name is associated with the mysterious and the magical, often invoked in tales of prophecy and fate.

As a Daedric Prince, Azura's influence extends beyond the mortal realm, and her name is a byword for mysticism and enigma.

Ysgramor, the Harbinger

Ysgramor, the legendary Nord hero, is a figure of might and valor. His name is often spoken with reverence, symbolizing the spirit of the Nord people and their unyielding courage.

Ysgramor's legacy as a warrior and leader continues to inspire generations, making his name a beacon of hope and pride.


As you use this Skyrim name generator, let each name you discover be a portal into this vast and vivid universe. Let it inspire stories, adventures, and a deeper connection to the world of the Elder Scrolls.

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