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Create your own Sonic The Hedgehog character name, along with their power, and species with my Sonic names generator below. Simply pick a gender or leave that option blank. Next click the generate button and prepare to be amazed.


Important things to consider when creating a new Sonic character

When crafting the perfect Sonic character name, try to tie in elements from the character's past or features of their design. Take my favorite character, Knuckles the Echidna, for example.

His names is Knuckles and he has giant hands and spikes on each glove. He also uses his fists to latch on to enemies and scale mountains and buildings.

Tails' real name, Miles Prower is more of a nod to Sonic than himself. The double tailed fox isn't really known for his speed, at least on land. But his buddy Sonic, on the other hand, is the fastest thing alive!

Should you make a hero, villain, or something else?

The choice between being a hero or villain was given to us during the best era of Sonic gaming, the Dreamcast years. In Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, you could choose to play as the villains or as the story's heroes.

This was one of the first times in my gaming life that I realized many villains are much more interesting than heroes. Shadow, for example, has a much more complex backstory and deals with internal conflict frequently.

This makes his story and motivations much more compelling than Sonic's, who is otherwise a consistently peaceful and happy character. If you prefer not to join the side of darkness, creating an anti-hero is a great option.

These characters are mostly good but have some edge to them that makes them more interesting than your typical hero. Here are some of the best anti-heroes in all of fiction.

  • Venom
  • Vegeta - only an anti-hero for the Namek saga, became a dad and full fledged hero thereafter. And back to being a villain for a couple episodes during the Majiin Buu saga.
  • Deadpool
  • Catwoman
  • Wolverine
  • Punisher
  • Rorschach
  • Ghost Rider
  • Lobo
  • Jason Todd aka Red Hood
  • V (from V for Vendetta)
  • Spawn
  • John Constantine
  • Elektra
  • Guts - Berserk
  • Snake Plissken
  • Sandor Clegane aka The Hound - Game of Thrones
  • Dexter Morgan
  • Mad Max
  • Jessica Jones
  • Geralt of Rivia

Keep creating and embarking on new adventures

Sonic is a super fun franchise filled with tons of lore making it the perfect series to create some epic fan fiction. Use this generator to help jumpstart your creativity.

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