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Get ready to join the most powerful dynasty Westeros has ever known with my Targaryen Names Generator. Unlike other tools on the Internet, this one will grant you a royal first name, title, and your very own dragon mount, that's right, it doubles as a Targaryen dragon name generator.

To get started, simply choose the gender you want or choose the 'Random' option for a gender neutral name. Next, click the generate button and get ready to ride dragon back through the Westerosi skies!

Now that you've got the perfect Targaryen name and a powerful dragon partner to conquer any kingdom of your choosing, keep on scrolling for more House of Dragon/Games of Thrones fun facts.

Why are Targaryens all inbred?

Drawing inspiration from real-life royal families, the Targaryeans practiced inbreeding for centuries to preserve their royal bloodlines. They believed that introducing any "impurities" from other families would hinder their ability to mount and control dragons.

Without dragons, the Targaryeans would not have been able to conquer all of Westeros as fast and as efficiently as they did. In addition, having an army of dragons is akin to a large military budget with high-tech weapons in modern times.

Similar to the United States, rival nations chose not to invade a Targaryean controlled Westeros due to the threat of overwhelming offensive weaponry. Fire-breathing dragons that are impervious to most weapons are the ultimate rebellion/invasion deterrent.

Can any other families ride dragons in Westeros?

As seen in HBO's House of Dragon, the Velaryons are another Westerosi House that is able to tame and ride dragons. They likely have similar lineage to the Targaryeans being able to trace their roots back to Valaria.

In addition to the family shown in television series, there are a number of dragonlords who are confirmed to have the ability to tame dragons or could theoretically ride dragons due to their mystical roots.

Here are all the families in Westeros that can ride and tame dragons.

  • House Targaryen

  • House Velaryon

  • House Celtigar

  • Valyrians

  • House Dayne

  • House Blackfyre

  • House Qoherys

  • House Vhagar

What killed all the dragons in Westeros?

By the time Game of Thrones rolled around, all dragons had been gone from Westeros for centuries. One of the main causes for their extinction was the Dance of Dragons. This event, currently being portrayed in House of Dragon, was a Targaryen civil the war between Rhaenyra Targaryen and Aegon Targaryen.

The clash left hundreds dead, including many dragons on both sides of the conflict. Another reason the dragons may have died out was due to the Targaryean's gross obsession with inbreeding.

Inbred creatures have all sorts of problems, including birth defects, infertility, and shorter lifespans. With breeding pairs being so closely related, much of their offspring likely died off before reaching maturity.

There is also the possibility that captivity contributed to their demise. Many animals in the real world do not live as long in captivity as their wild counterparts. Killer Whales, also known as Orca, die quicker and are much more unhealthy in captivity.

One final contributor to the decline of the dragons was the great Doom of Valyria. This cataclysmic event wiped out many dragonlords and dragons alike. Though the Targaryen survived, they likely lost a ton of knowledge on proper dragon taming.

What was The Doom of Valyria

The Doom of Valyria was a catastrophic event, either magical or natural in nature. Some theorize that it was caused by the overuse of dark magic in the region. Others, including myself, think it was probably a volcanic eruption or even a Category 5 Hurricane that wiped the land out.

Though due to the desolate wasteland and toxic substances left behind it was probably a really big, nasty volcanic eruption.

Survive the Doom, and tame more Dragons with my generators

If you love Game of Thrones and House of Dragons like I do, check out my other GOT-themed content. For those looking to test their knowledge, take my Game of Thrones Trivia. And, if you want some original thrones inspired names that aren't of Targaryen nature,check out my Game of Thrones Name Generator.

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