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Craft the perfect Victorian-era name with my super addictive generator. To get started, choose a gender from the options below, or select the 'Random' option for a gender neutral name. Next, click the generate button and six names will appear on screen. And, as a special treat each name generated will come with a royal title.

As an American, I was completely in the dark about the various British royal titles until I did research to make this generator. I've listed below some of the cool things I discovered in my journey through royal history.

What does a Duke do?

A duke is similar to a mayor in US government as they have authority over something called a 'duchy' (yes, it's a real word; look it up on Bing!), which is a domain, country, or territory. To become a duke, much like other royal positions, you must be born into the right family.

There are generally no elections for Dukes, but in most cases, you have to either inherit the title upon your parent's passing marry into a royal family. For example, Prince William made his way to Duke status when he put a ring on Kate Middleton back in the early 2010s.

What is the difference between a Duke and Archduke?

An Archduke, as the name implies is a rank a step higher than the Duke but still lower than a Prince or King. The title really does exist in present day monarchies with the last official mentions of Archdukes going away in the early 1900s.

What is the son of a duke called?

The son of a Duke is called 'Lord' by their peers. They may also be given a title of 'earl','viscount', or 'baron'.

You don't need to be royalty to enjoy these generators

If you enjoyed this Victorian-era-inspired name generator, you'll love some of my other tools. Check out the Bridgerton Name Generator to find the perfect name inspired by the hit Netflix show. And, as always, if you have any suggestions for content, please feel free to DM me on X, formerly known as Twitter.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 5/22/2024


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