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Build your own Warrior Cat Clan with my super fun generator below. Simply click the Generate button and my robots will present you with a cool clan name, leader, and few more suprises!


What is a cat without a clan? Check out my Warrior Cat Name Generator to get your own awesome Warrior Cat! But, before you go, enjoy these fun facts all about clans in the series.

  • There are five primary clans in the original series: ThunderClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and later SkyClan.

  • Each clan is known for a particular strength: ThunderClan for bravery, ShadowClan for stealth, RiverClan for swimming, WindClan for speed, and SkyClan for their ability to jump great heights.

  • Leaders of clans receive nine lives from StarClan, allowing them to serve their clan longer.

  • StarClan is where deceased cats go after death, similar to an afterlife. They often send prophecies or omens to living cats.

  • The Moonstone and later the Moonpool are sacred places where medicine cats and leaders communicate with StarClan.

  • Each clan has a unique hunting style and diet based on their territory.

  • Forbidden love between cats of different clans is a recurring theme in the series.

  • The Warrior Code, a set of 15 rules, governs how the clans operate and interact with one another.

  • Apprentices are young cats in training to become warriors, and they receive a mentor to guide them.

  • Kits are the youngest members of the clan and stay in the nursery with their mothers until they are old enough to train as apprentices.

  • The Dark Forest, or Place of No Stars, is where cats that have committed great crimes against the clans go after death.

  • Each clan's camp is structured differently to maximize the natural defenses of its territory.

  • Cats in the series have unique naming conventions. Their names change from kit (like "Dovekit") to apprentice (like "Dovepaw") to warrior (like "Dovewing").

  • Leaders end with the suffix "-star" after receiving their nine lives, such as "Firestar".

  • Gatherings are truce meetings held every full moon, where all clans come together in peace to share news.

  • Medicine cats are the healers of the clan and have a close connection to StarClan.

  • There's a cat version of an Olympics event called the 'Great Gathering,' where cats from different clans compete in various challenges.

  • Twolegs, in the Warriors universe, refers to humans.

  • The Warrior Cats series was written by multiple authors under the pseudonym Erin Hunter.

  • Cats have a concept of territories and borders, marking them with scents to warn off members of other clans.

  • Some cats have unique abilities known as 'powers', such as the power to see or speak to the dead.

  • There's a special ceremony when a cat retires to become an elder, giving up their warrior duties due to age or injury.

  • Half-clan cats, those with parents from two different clans, often face challenges fitting in.

  • The series explores complex issues such as loyalty, love, revenge, and moral ambiguity through the eyes of cats.

  • Warrior cats are expected to defend their clan with their life and follow the warrior code, a set of moral and ethical guidelines.

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