Who Am I?!? - Anime Edition

Guess the Anime Character

Put your anime knowledge to the test with my Anime Edition of Who Am I. Click the start game button below to be presented with your first clue. You'll be given a maximum of three clues before the answer is presented to you.

Keep in mind, you'll need to answer the question using at least the character's first name to get a correct answer. If you need another clue, don't feel bad, just request another one with the 'Give Me Another Clue' button. To start another game or reset your current one, click the 'Start Game' button again.

Original Anime Character Playing Online Games

How To Play Who Am I Anime Edition with friends

Playing online games is fun but doing so with friends and family takes it to the next level. To play with a friend or two, share the link to this page with them. Then, if you're able to meet in person, pop this up on your iPad or laptop and see who can score the highest.

This also works for those looking for some remote fun as you can easily share this page in Teams, Skype, Zoom, or the platform of your choosing. It can also make for a fun team building activity if the company you work at is cool enough to allow employees to play it together.

More fun with online games

If you liked this game, you'll love my others ones. Head over to FantasyBrawls.com to check out the super addictive Fantasy Battle Simulator. It's awesome tool with thousands of battles between your favorite characters from anime, gaming, fantasy, and more. It's the ultimate tool to settle age old debates like whether Superman can defeat Goku.

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