Miscarriage Risk Calculator based on your current trimester

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Gain the peace of mind you've been searching for with my miscarriage risk calculator by trimester calculator. To get started, enter your age, current trimester, and the number of previous miscarriages you've had, if any.

Keep in mind that the calculator below, while accurate, does not substitue medical advice or treatment from a qualified, licensed physician. Please consult a medical professional for any questions or concerns.

What are my chances for a miscarriage after a heartbeat is detected?

Discovering a heartbeat during an ultrasound can significantly lower the chances of a miscarriage, offering a sigh of relief to many expectant parents. This is significant moment in your pregnancy journey, as it indicates a lower risk of miscarriage.

What are my chances for a miscarriage after a heartbeat is detected?

The detection of a fetal heartbeat is a promising sign, but it's important to understand that risks, though reduced, do not disappear entirely. Various factors, including maternal health, age, and genetic factors, continue to play a role in the ongoing viability of the pregnancy.

Miscarriage Risk Calculator by Week Chart

As the weeks progress, the risk of miscarriage decreases further, allowing parents to breathe a bit easier with each passing milestone. The Miscarriage Risk Calculator by Week Chart offers a detailed view of how these risks diminish over time.

Week of Pregnancy Miscarriage Risk Percentage
6 weeks 10%
8 weeks 5%
10 weeks 3%
12 weeks 2%
After 20 weeks < 1%

What are the chances of not detecting a heartbeat at a 20-week scan?

At a 20-week scan, the likelihood of not detecting a heartbeat is very low. This detailed ultrasound, also known as the anatomy scan, is crucial for assessing the baby's development and overall health. By this stage, the baby is well-formed, and th e heartbeat is typically strong and easily detectable, significantly reducing parental anxiety and providing reassurance about the baby's condition.

Conclusion: Rely on data and your body

Understanding the risks associated with pregnancy, including the likelihood of not detecting a heartbeat at specific stages, empowers parents-to-be with knowledge and peace of mind. It is crucial to combine this data with attention to your body's signals and professional medical advice.

For personalized insights related to pregnancy progression and to calculate specific risks, consider using my HCG calculator. This tool can offer additional support in navigating the beautiful yet complex journey of pregnancy.

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