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Get thousands of Khajiit name ideas in instant with my Khajiit names generator. To get started, simply pick your gender, and click the 'Generate' button and twelve Khajiit names will magically appear.

If you don't like the set of names you get, click the generate button to get twelve new names. In addition to a cool name, each click will grant a subspecies and your character's profession.

How to make a Khajiit name

To craft a Khajiit name, it's important to first understand the structure that reflects their complex society and lore in The Elder Scrolls universe. These names typically consist of a prefix and sometimes a suffix, which can denote everything from their moon phase of birth to their occupation or personality traits.

The prefixes are often gender-specific, with 'Ja' indicating males and 'Ji' indicating females, though there are many variations depending on the Khajiit's specific culture and region. Suffixes, on the other hand, can indicate a trait or skill, such as '-dar' for thieves or tricksters and '-do' for warriors.

  • Ja'zargo - A male name where 'Ja' signifies the male gender, and 'zargo' could imply a personal trait or a unique identifier.

  • Ji'dar-Jo - This name includes a gender prefix 'Ji', indicating a female, and 'dar-Jo', which might suggest a playful or cunning nature, often associated with thieves or agile characters.

  • S'rendarr - In this example, 'S' might not directly indicate gender but rather a specific aspect or honorific, with 'rendarr' potentially signifying a religious or mystical association, possibly to the god of mercy in Khajiit belief.

For those who'd rather give their thumbs a workout and scroll through a list of very cool names, the section below is for you.

Skyrim khajiit names

  • M'aiq

  • J'zargo

  • Ra'zhinda

  • Th'arraq

  • Do'Krin

  • Ka'Ratta

  • Ma'randru-jo

  • S'narhk

  • Ahkari

  • Kharjo

  • Dar'Jo

  • Ri'saad

  • Zaynabi

  • Khayla

  • Jo'rakha

  • Ra'zirr

  • Shavari

  • Tsavani

  • M'raaj-Dar

  • Qua'ro

  • S'randarr

  • T'inzarr

  • Vasha

  • Yura

  • Zah'rak

  • Baan Dar

  • C'randal

  • Dro'marash

  • Firir

  • Gzalzi

  • Habasi

  • Izur

  • J'darr

  • Kha'jay

  • L'dara

  • M'kai

  • N'gasta

  • Odarath

  • P'harlan

  • Qa'dar

  • R'sari

  • Sa'khat

Female khajiit names

  • Ji'darri

  • Sahra

  • Dar'Myrrha

  • Ri'Bassa

  • Kha'jira

  • Laylah

  • Meesha

  • Na'irra

  • Qi'tara

  • Ra'zara

  • Shali

  • Ti'asha

  • Ujani

  • Veena

  • Ya'tirrge

  • Za'rina

  • Akhita

  • B'rina

  • C'riya

  • D'jara

  • E'shani

  • Fah'raji

  • Gharri

  • H'anni

  • Ijani

  • Jah'la

  • K'irra

  • Lirrasha

  • Ma'zaka

  • Niri'it

  • O'jara

  • P'lermi

  • Qa'lin

  • Rasha

  • S'jirra

  • T'alia

  • Ura'zhi

  • Vasha'ri

  • Wah'jin

  • Xa'ni

  • Yurra

  • Za'firah

Take your new Khajiit name for a spin

While enjoying your brand new Khajiit name in Elder Scrolls, be sure to check out my other awesome name generators. My Skyrim Name Generator is the perfect next stop on your creative Elder Scroll adventures.

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