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Get the perfect super hero name for your character in moments with my name generator for superheroes below. Unlike other generators on the web, mine will give you an awesome, engaging backstory, your character's super power and weakness.

How to make a great super hero name

The best super hero names are short, catchy, and contain a callback to the character's origin story or powers. Here are few examples of great hero names and their origins.

  • Batman - Bruce Wayne was terrified of bats, so he decided to wear one every time he ventured out to fight crime to show dominance over his fears.

  • Aqualad - This hero is Aquaman's sidekick. His powers are water-themed, hence the name 'Aqua,' and he's a step down from Aquaman, so his surname is 'lad.'

  • Spider-Man - Peter Parker, bitten by a radioactive spider, uses his acquired spider-like abilities to swing across the cityscapes. Embracing the spider that gave him power, he fights to protect New York from its shadows.

  • Black Widow - Natasha Romanoff, a master spy, stands out with her exceptional combat skills and espionage techniques. Her codename reflects her lethal prowess and ties to her complex, secretive past.

How to make a great super hero origin story

Making an original super hero origin story is tough. You'll want to try and avoid many of the cliches popular origins have. Some of which include:

  • Parents, children, or significant loved one killed.

  • Interacting with some sort of radioactive animal or substance.

  • Discovering a mystical or alien artifact that grants powers.

  • Being the last survivor of a destroyed planet, race, or civilization.

  • Undergoing a secret government experiment or military project that goes awry.

  • A vow of vengeance taken after a tragic event to fight against crime or evil.

  • Being chosen by a higher power or destiny to become a protector or warrior.

Instead of the overused tropes, here are some original ideas you can try. Feel free to use these in your projects.

The Dreamer

Once an insomniac plagued by nightmares, The Dreamer stumbled upon an ancient relic in a forgotten temple that granted control over the dream realm. Now, they shape dreams to protect the world from unseen nightmares, navigating both the real and dream worlds to fend off threats born from the collective subconscious.

The Planet Eater

Born on a dying world, The Planet Eater was once a scientist seeking to save their planet. After a cosmic event transformed them, granting the power to absorb planetary energy, they roam the cosmos, wrestling with their hunger to consume worlds to survive and the guilt of the destruction left in their wake.

The Network Jumper

An elite hacker involved in a digital heist gone wrong, The Network Jumper was electrocuted in a storm while connected to the internet, merging their consciousness with the digital realm. With the newfound ability to physically enter and manipulate digital networks, they became a guardian of the digital frontier, battling cyber threats from within.

The Demon and Angel Slayer

Once a revered scholar studying ancient texts on demons and angels, an unearthly confrontation left them cursed with the sight to see these beings in our world. Armed with knowledge and ancient artifacts, they walk a fine line between light and dark, protecting humanity from threats most cannot even perceive.

Get out there and make the next great Hero story!

Now that you've got the best hero name possible for your character, share it with the world! To truly complete your character, they'll need an evil counterpart to battle. Visit my Villain Name Generator to create a nemesis for your hero.

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