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best golzy team

Best Golzy Moveset


Golzy is an Electric and Melee Temtem who functions perfectly as your team's glass cannon and status spreader. Learn how to destroy opponents with...... View

winning temtem auction house

TemTem Trade House Guide


The Trade House in TemTem provides players with their own eBay. You can sell items and Tems, as well as bid on Lumas and rare items. Here is how...... View

sand type coromon

Best Skelatops Build Coromon


Skulatops is a Sand type Coromon that excels in attack and defense. It looks like what would happen if a fossilized predatory dinosaur was only...... View

gharunder build temtem

Best Gharunder Moveset


Gharunder is an Electric and Toxic TemTem that lives in the sewers of Properton. It's existence is based on the old urban legend about Alligators...... View

how often should you get a raise at work

How To Ask For A Raise At Work


Asking for raise at work can be a difficult, somewhat awkward thing to do. This is especially true for those of us who are introverts. ...... View

does temtem have cross save

How To Set Up Cross Progression In TemTem


Following the release of CU1, also known as content update 1, you can now use cross progression in TemTem. ...... View

find perfect coromon easy

Guaranteed Perfect Coromon


The chances of finding a perfect Coromon in the wild are very low. You may spend hours upon hours searching for one. However, there are at least 3...... View

get perfect fire starter

How To Get A Perfect Toruga


Toruga is the fire starter who evolves into the powerful Volcadon. Learn how to find the perfect one here.... View

how to evolve sheartooth

How To Get A Perfect Nibblegar


Nibblegar, Sheartooth, and Megalobite can all be found in the wild. So, if you didn't choose one as your starter, you'll have the chance to add it...... View

automate tasks with cron job

How To Set Up A Cron Job


A Cron job is a Linux command that executes a script a pre-defined interval. Within the command, you’ll need to specify the location of the...... View

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