How To Set Up Cross Progression In TemTem

does temtem have cross save

Play your PC save on your PS5

Following the release of CU1, also known as content update 1, you can now use cross progression in TemTem. This feature will allow you to play the save file on your PC or laptop on your PS5. To access, follow the steps below.

Select the settings option on the title screen.

temtem setting for cross progression

This can also be accessed in game by navigating to the Settings section after going the menu. Once you have the menu open, scroll down to the Cross Progression option under the Account subsection. Click the plus icon on the Cross Progession line to proceed to the area that will link your accounts.

temtem luma on ps5

move temtem save to ps5

Click the add platform option

Clicking the Add Platform button will open the screen that will present you with an account code. Select the eyeball button to display the code you will need to input into your PS5.

where is my account number for cross progression in temtem

Decide which account will be the main and secondary

When connecting your devices, you will be asked if the account is to be used as a secondary or main account. Whichever account is secondary will need to be reset prior to linking. So, if you have substantial progress on your secondary account, send your Tems to the main account before deleting!

Once you have entered your Account Code in your PS5, your accounts will be linked! Head over to your main account and you should see an image with a PS5 controller and some text that says unlink.

Cross progression works in both directions. You can also take your PS5 save and move it over to your PC. The only requirement is that you own TemTem on both platforms.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 04/24/2022


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