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If you're creating a Pokemon for fan fiction, monster taming game, Smogon, or just to make some fake Pokemon my Pokemon Name Generator is the perfect tool for you. Unlike many of the other generators you'll find on the Internet, mine gives you an awesome name along with the Pokemon's type, and abilitiy.

As the Pokemon League intended, each click will grant you a total of 6 Pokemon to choose from. If you don't like the team you get, click Generate again to get another set.


How to make a Pokemon name

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To make a great Pokemon name, the key is to combine elements of the Pokemon's type, its real animal inspiration, and/or its in-game lore. Here are some examples of fake Pokemon names and their origins.

  • Crocleznar - This Pokemon is a muscular crocodile so it's fitting that it would be a Fighting type. The leznar part of its name is inspired by former UFC Champion Brock Lesnar.

  • Toxitax - The toxi portion of this Pokemon name originates from its Poison typing which pairs very well with the final part of its name, tax. As any tax-paying adult knows, nothing poisons the soul quite as bad as paying taxes.

  • Growjira - This dual Grass and Dragon type Pokemon combines elements of plants and tips its hat to the King of the Monsters, Gozdilla, aka, Gojira.

  • Sparkmow - This Electric-type Pokemon buzzes with energy, much like a lawn mower on a summer day. Sparkmow combines the spark of electricity with the mundane task of mowing, creating a creature that can literally electrify the grass it cuts.

  • Chillguin - A dual Ice/Water-type, Chillguin is the epitome of cool under pressure. Its name, a portmanteau of "chill" and "penguin," reflects its icy demeanor and ability to navigate through frosty waters with ease, embodying the chill vibe of its arctic habitat.

  • Gustfeath - As light as a feather and as fast as a gust of wind, this Flying-type Pokemon can outmaneuver most opponents in the sky. Its name is a blend of "gust" and "feather," symbolizing its mastery over the air currents and its lightweight design.

  • Emberoo - Drawing inspiration from kangaroos and the smoldering embers of a fire, Emberoo is a Fire-type Pokemon that hops into battle with fiery kicks. Its pouch contains not a joey, but an eternal flame that fuels its powerful fire-based attacks.

What are the best Pokemon-like games?

  • 9. Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince

  • 8. Monster Crown

  • 7. Monster Hunter Stories 2

  • 6. Shin Megami Tenei V

  • 5. Digimon Cyber Sleuth

  • 4. Nexomon

  • 3. Coromon

  • 2. Temtem

  • 1. Palworld

Anyone getting a little bored with Pokemon will love either of the games mentioned above. All except Palworld have a 40+ hour storyline and interesting mechanics to keep you engaged in the post game. If you're a Switch player, here are the best monster taming games for the Switch.

Create and Share your new Pokemon

When you've landed on the perfect team of randomly created Pokemon, share them on social media. The best ideas come when we collaborate with the community. If you fancy more random Pokemon content, check out my random Pokemon generator.

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