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Monkeys and ape Pokemon have decent representation in the current Pokemon roster. While there aren't as many as most monkey fans would like, there are certainly enough to make a decent competitive team.

The availability of these Pokemon will of course, depend on which games you're playing as Pokemon no longer includes every available, Pokemon in core games post Sword and Shield. For this reason, I put a few extra creatures in my list of the best monkey Pokemon.

  • Annihalape

    annihalape in a forest

    Annihalape is the evolution of the first generation's angriest monkey, Primape. It's essentially the result of Primape becoming so overcome with rage that it dies.

    The resulting evolution is the spectral manifestation of rage. Gory backstory aside, Annihalape has excellent stats, an awesome movepool, and a fitting signature move.

    Here is a cool moveset along with a great held item for Annihalape.

    Nature: Adamant

    Held Item: Choice Band

    • Rage Fist - It only has 50 base power, but it increases by 50 each time Annihalape takes physical damage. Granted, there will be fewer opportunities for this to stack since its immune to Normal and Fighting.
    • Close Combat
    • Gunk Shot - So you don't get wrecked by fairies.
    • Ice Punch

  • Rillaboom

    rillaboom in a forest

    Rillaboom is my personal favorite ape-like Pokemon. It has cool grass hair and is based on a mountain gorilla with an affinity for drums.

    Not as cool a backstory as Annihalape but he's definitely a worthwhile consideration for your team, given its stats and hidden ability, Grassy Surge.

    Check out this sample moveset for the grassy monkey rock star.

    Nature: Jolly

    Held Item: Leftovers

    • Drumb Beating
    • Trailblaze
    • U-Turn
    • Knock Off

  • Ambipom

    ambipom in a forest

    Ambipom is not as powerful as the other two primates on this list, but options are limited. It's not that Ambipom is bad, its just the other options are more versatile and bulky.

    Its saving grace is its ability, Technician, which boosts the power of moves with 60 or lower base power.

    Check out this sample moveset for the ambidextrous monkey.

    Nature: Jolly

    Held Item: Life Orb

    • Fake Out
    • Low Kick
    • U-Turn
    • Double Hit

  • Inferape

    infernape in a forest

    Infernape is the only fire monkey Pokemon, but it's definitely the best. At the time of writing, you can only play with him in Legends Arceus and the horrid Diamond and Pearl remakes.

    But if you can access him, try out this moveset along with its hidden ability Sheer Force.

    Nature: Jolly

    Held Item: Life Orb

    • Flare Blitz
    • Close Combat
    • U-Turn
    • Thunder Punch

  • Galarian Darmanitan

    galarian darmanitan in a forest

    Galarian Darmanitan is an ice ape Pokemon with an amazing afro and a god-like attack stat. In addition to this, its ability, Gorilla tactics which boosts its attack to Choice Banded levels without sacrificing an item slot.

    Here is a build you can use to smash opposing Pokemon.

    Nature: Jolly

    Held Item: Choice Banad

    • Flare Blitz
    • Icicle Crash
    • U-Turn
    • Earthquake

  • Passimian

    passimian in a forest

    Passimian has a cool design, a very clever name, and a nice attack stat of 120. It's ability is a big letdown, however, as it's only useful in double battles and situationally so.

    Its signature ability, Receiver, allows Passimian to gain the ability of its fallen comrade. This could be great if its partner was something like Galarian Darmanitan. But, the chances of this activating successfully are slim to none.

    Nonetheless, it's still a lemur, so it deserves a spot on this team.

    Nature: Jolly

    Held Item: Leftovers

    • Close Combat
    • Knockoff
    • Rock Slide - Helps deal with opposing flying Pokemon.
    • Iron Head - For those pesky fairies

These monkey 'mons are the best the Pokemon world has to offer in terms of competitive viability. But, if you want to give yourself a challenge, here is a list of all monkey Pokemon you use to build your primate squad.

Name Type
Mankey Fighting
Annihalape Fighting
Primeape Fighting
Aipom Normal
Ambipom Normal
Simisage Grass
Simisear Fire
Simipour Water
Pansage Grass
Pansear Fire
Panpour Water
Passimian Fighting
Oranguru Normal/Psychic
Grookey Grass
Thwackey Grass
Rillaboom Grass
Grafaiai Normal / Poison
Shroodle Normal / Poison
Munkidori Likely Poison
Chimchar Fire
Monferno Fire
Infernape Fire/Fighting

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 07/02/2023


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