The Fastest Way To Level Up in Palworld

fast level up palworld

The quickest and easiest way to level up fast in Palworld is to adjust the game's exp settings. Turn it all the way up to 20x to maximize the experience each of your Pals earns in battle while in your squad, or on your base.

Best Level Grind Spot in Palworld

The Mammorests that roam the starting area of the game are the easiest high experience yielding Pals to defeat. You can easily take a level 1 Pal to level 38 in a single battle by following these steps.

  • Increase your EXP modifier in the game settings from the main menu to 20x

  • Place the level 1 Pal in your party.

  • Obtain a high level (40+) Pal with fire moves like Incineram Noct.

  • Locate and defeat a Mammorest with a level over 33.

  • Repeat until your Pal is at the desired level!

After you pass level 40, the experience gains will be harder as you'll need exponentially more points to break through to the next level. The maximum level at the time of writing is 50.

And that's it, leveling up in Palworld is super easy, much more so than Pokemon and Temtem. The grind for strength is reduced tremendously by a simple tweak of your games settings.

For some cool ideas on what to name your world, check out my Palworld World Name Generator. And, if you've already got a great name, find one for your guild with my Palworld Guild Name Generator.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 02/04/2024


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