The Ultimate Fortnite Quiz

Fortnite Crew Getting Ready for Battle

Fortnite is the best game to play with friends after a long work week. The game has it all: stunning visuals, easy-to-learn controls, and a constant stream of fresh content.

To commemorate my love for the perfect Battle Royale and to challenge my fellow players, I threw together this fun but challenging Fortnite trivia quiz. Answer all ten questions to the best of your ability, and my robots will let you know whether you're an expert or a noob.

Now that you've aced my hard Fortnite quiz, be sure to share it with a friend and keep on scrolling for more fun facts and trivia about Fortnite.

Fortnite Fun Facts

  • Fortnite is no longer supported on Mac - Sadly Mac users will have to use Xbox Cloud Gaming to play via their browser. Mac users can still play but features are limited and you'll only be playing against bots.

  • Fortnite initially launched as a PvE (Player vs. Environment) game called "Save the World," where players build forts and fight off zombie-like creatures. The now-famous Battle Royale mode was introduced later as a free-to-play experience.

  • The iconic Fortnite Battle Bus was inspired by the movie "Magic School Bus," aiming to add a whimsical and fun entry into the game's competitive battles.

  • The game holds a Guinness World Record for the most participants in a video game emote routine, with 3,078 participants performing the "Freeze Frame" emote in 2019.

  • Fortnite's first-ever in-game concert featured Marshmello in February 2019, drawing in a virtual crowd of over 10 million players, setting a precedent for virtual concerts in gaming.

  • "Fortnite" has become such a cultural phenomenon that it has been mentioned in over 250 divorce proceedings in the UK according to a 2018 report, highlighting its addictive nature.

  • Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, has used the game's platform to premiere trailers for major films, including "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker," showcasing the game's influence beyond the gaming community.

  • The "Fortnite World Cup" held in 2019 had a staggering prize pool of $30 million, with the solo event winner, Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf, taking home $3 million, highlighting the significant earning potential in competitive gaming.

  • Fortnite's developer, Epic Games, used an in-game event called "The Black Hole Event" to transition from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2, where the game was unplayable for nearly two days, creating massive anticipation and buzz within the gaming community.

  • The game features a Creative Mode, introduced in December 2018, that allows players to create their own islands, games, and challenges. This mode has led to the creation of countless custom maps, extending the game's replayability.

  • Fortnite's "Reboot Van" concept, allowing players to bring eliminated teammates back into the game, was inspired by a similar mechanic from the rival game "Apex Legends," showcasing how competition drives innovation in the battle royale genre.

  • One of Fortnite's most coveted skins, the "Renegade Raider," was available only during the first season and required players to reach level 20 before they could purchase it, making it a rare status symbol among players today.

  • Fortnite introduced an "NFL Skins" collaboration allowing players to represent their favorite American football teams in-game. However, due to players customizing these skins in unintended ways, some outfits had to be adjusted post-launch.

  • The game has its own virtual currency called "V-Bucks," which players can earn through playing or purchase with real money. This currency can be used to buy skins, emotes, and the Battle Pass, contributing significantly to Fortnite's revenue.

  • In 2020, Fortnite found itself at the center of a major legal battle with Apple and Google over payment systems and commissions, leading to its removal from both the App Store and Google Play, sparking widespread discussions on app store policies and developer rights.

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