Catching Pals with a Full Palbox? Here is what you need to know!

palworld box is full

If you fill up your box in Palworld and attempt to catch another Palworld Pal, you may notice your new creature is nowhere to be found. When this happened to me, I assumed they simply went away forever, but fortunately, this was not the case.

What happens when your box is full and you catch a Pal in Palworld?

If you catch a Pal when your box is full, that Pal will remain in the area you caught it inside a Pal Sphere. The sphere will have a tall, bright blue light, so it'll be hard to miss!

palworld pal after box is full

Now that you know where Pals go when your box is full, here are some ways to make room in your Palbox.

  • Sell them to a merchant

  • Craft a Meat Cleaver and butcher them

  • Condense them with a Palessence Condeser

Sell Pals to a Merchant

Selling Pals to a merchant not only frees up space in your box, it adds some extra coins to your wallet. The amount Pals sell for depends on a variety of factors. Here is what determines a Pals selling price in Palworld

  • Whether the Pal is an Aplha or not. Alpha Pals sell for more.

  • The Pals level, higher levels mean larger payouts.

  • The Pal's species, rarers species tend to fetch higher coin payouts.

Butcher Pals with a Meat Cleaver

It's a pretty brutal method but chopping your Pal up into little pieces is one way to conserve space in your Palbox. To do so, you'll need to get reach level 12 and spend 2 technology points to unlock the Pal butchering tool.

Condense them with a Palessence Condeser

If you have many of the same species of Pal, you can condense their essence in a Pal Essence Condenser. To unlock this, you need to reach level 14 and spend 2 ancient technology points.

Of the three options, the best in my opinion is to sell them to a merchant. My go to place to do this is the small settlement located at 73, -486.

Conclusion: Don't worry, your Pals did not disappear!

If you caught a Pal while your party and Palbox was full, don't worry, your newly acquired companion is still around waiting in its Pal Sphere at the same location you found it. If you find yourself constantly running out of space, use one of the 3 methods to conserve Palbox space mentioned in this article.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 02/17/2024


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