How to change your Coromon into a new monster

nibblegar orca skin

How to change Coromon skins

Coromon version 1.2 brought with it the ability to change your Coromon's skin and even overall design with the use of style crystals. With this feature you can customize your Coromon in a way Pokemon fans have dreamed of.

To get started, open your in-game menu and select the "Style Shop" as show in the image in the below.

style shop coromon

How to farm style crystals

The best way to farm crystals in Coromon is to complete daily milestones. Many are pretty easy to do, there are tasks like fighting 5 Coromon, logging in, and using the Resetinator.

The grind to get these crystals is certainly worth it given the awesome skins available. I'm personally looking forward to changing my Nibblegar into a badass Orca.

While you grind your way to the 900 crystals needed for this, head over to my competitive review of Megalobite.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 11/08/2023


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