How To Easily Get Unlimited Cakes in Palworld

unlimited cakes in palworld

To breed any creature in Palworld, you will need a ton of pastries. Cakes in Palworld are made by combining the following ingredients in a cooking pot.

  • 5 bags of Flour

  • 8 Red Berries

  • 7 Bottles of Milk

  • 8 Eggs

  • 2 Jars of Honey

Then, you'll need get a Pal with the Kindling ability like Bushi or Jormuntide Ignis, assign it to the cooking pot and in a few minutes you'll have the cake you need for breeding.

You'll always have to get a cake whenever you want to breed any Pals together, as such it would be useful to avoid scouring the land for the ingredients. To make like easier for my fellow Pal Tamers, I've thrown together the ultimate guide to get unlimited cakes in Palworld.

  • Build a Ranch: This will get you all the Eggs and Milk you need when you have Mozzarina and Chikipi at your base.

  • Build a wheat plantation: This is needed for the wheat you'll need for Flour. Be sure to have grass Pals like Verdash to plant and harvest and a reliable water Pal like Penking to water the seeds. You will need wheat seeds for this plantation.

  • Build a berry plantation: Not only is this a great way to get unlimited food in Palworld, it provides a steady supply of the berries you need for breeding cakes. The same Pals you use for wheat can be used here, also be sure to grab some berry seeds.

  • Build a Mill: A mill will turn your wheat into Flour. Again, water Pals are great to have here.

  • Buy a ton of honey: Honey is readily available from the small settlement merchant. Stock up so you don't have to keep running back and forth.

And that's it, with these simple steps, your base will be a top tier breeding ground for your Pals. All you need to do is keep a steady supply of food and enough beds around and your base squad will keep you swimming in cake forever.

If you're looking to randomize your gameplay and come up with a catch name for your Palworld World, check out my super addictive Palworld World Name Generator!

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 02/11/2024


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