How To Defeat Galios: 3rd and Final Mythical Temtem

beat galios temtem

Crema's final entry into the Tempedia is the mythical Temtem Galios. This Mental/Earth type creature has a ridiculously broken ability when fighting it in a raid battle.

In fact, the developers had to nerf the first iteration of it due to public outcry (I was 100% one of the Tamers Tweeting for help...I guess Xing, now). It essentially could induce Doom at will, faint, then heal itself completely and rid itself of any status ailments.

On top of that, it had a Scavenger-like ability that restored its HP whenever it knocked out one of your Tems! Fortunately, this was removed, and after around 20 or so attempts, I finally got my Galios and gained access to Umbras.

Here is how to beat Galios lair in Temtem.

  1. Apply 2 status conditions

    This is vital as it prevents Galios from restoring its HP with that Doom/Revive craziness.

  2. Load up on the Water/Digital Tems

    Wimplump, Platimous, Babawa, and others are your best friends here.

  3. Get random Tems from higher level Tamers

    Tamer difficulty is indicated by the number of circles above their head. Farm your jewels on the 1 circle, guys and save your random Tem choices for the 2s or 3s as they have higher level creatures.

Best team to beat Galios

best team to beat Galios temtem
The Doom Patrol - Temtem edition

While there is no way to guarantee a squad in the Galios you can always seem to pick up a strong water Temtem or two along the way. Here are the 3 essential creatures, along with their movesets. Remember, it's important to stack 2 statuses on Galios to prevent it from reviving itself.

  1. Babawa
    • Harmful Lick
    • Water Cutting Lily
    • Iced Stalactite (hits Galios with Cold for 3 turns)
    • Aquatic Whirlwind
  2. Platimous
    • Rotten Goo (applies Seized to Galios)
    • Aqua Bullet Hell
    • Water Blade
    • Paralyzing Poison (Poison + Trapped = GG)
  3. Wimplump
    • Water Cannon - (Synergizes with Platimous for Poison)
    • Cold Breeze (make Galios cold for 3 turns)
    • Blizzard
    • Sharp Rain
  4. Goolder
    • Toxic Ink (more posion for Galios)
    • Rotten Goo (inflicts seize for 2 turns)
    • Harmful Lick
    • Charcoal Wall

Of the 4 Temtem listed, Goolder will have the lowest damage output. However, it has the most important role as its job is to absorb Dust Vortexes and slap Seize and Posion on Galios every time it dooms itself.

Platimous, Wimplump, and Shuine will be your main attackers. Keep them healthy with your items and fire off as many powerful water attacks as possible. Keep in mind that Galios has to be knocked out 6 times to win.

If Doom is active, remove it! Once gone, start launching Water Blades and Sharp Rains. Should you fail to remove Doom, you should be able to take Galios out if its Doom counter hasn't dropped below 3.

With a level 88 - 100 Wimplump or Platimous, water moves are normally a 3-hit KO.

Don't celebrate prematurely (like I did!) when you see the final red bar fade away. Always have monsters on the field that can inflict 2 different statuses to Galios. Whether through synergy or a status move, you should always aim to prevent the Doom status on it.

What items to bring for Galios Lair

You will want to have at least one or more of the following items.

  • Full Restore
  • Revive
  • Balm+
  • Balm++

Don't pick up the items that only reduce stamina as your main concern will be preserving the Tems who can deal damage and prevent revival.

Galios is tough, but neutralizing its ability renders it a normal bulky Tem. Without Doom he's just a regular Tem, albeit one with a stunning design and awesome lore. Good luck, tamers, feel free to hit me up on X if you have any content suggestions!

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 09/27/2023


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