How To Find Incineram Noct

incineram noct

The easiest way to get Incineram Noct is to buy one off a Black Market Merchant. Simply head over to the mineshaft shown on the map below and purchase one for around 12k.

Incineram Noct Location

incineram noct location

To find the Abadoned Mineshaft, fast travel to the Desolate Church. Then, head west until you come upon some fog in an opening where you'll either see some bandits or a Mammorest.

Make a right from there, and you'll come upon some survivor notes and a ledge with two ore rocks in on it. Follow the opening, and soon you'll be in front of the Black Market merchant.

abandoned mineshaft location

If you're short on cash, he'll gladly buy those Chikipis you've been hoarding or the humans you've decided to capture!

Inceniram draws inspiration from its Pokemon counterpart, least in its name and typing. To me, it looks like a bipedal Gogoat that made a deal with the devil.

Joking aside, I love his design, and it's easily one of the best Pals you can get in the game. And, the best part is you don't have to chuck Pal Spheres at it and pray one of them lands.

Simply make the deal with that friendly black market dealer and you're golden!

Inceneram is a beast in battle and at your base with its Foreman Trait. He's always eager to pitch in and help you craft nails and anything else you need for your journey.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 01/22/2024


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