How To Get Unlimited Food in Palword

berry farm

The easiest way to get unlimited food is to craft a berry plantation and staff your base with the appropriate Pals. The best pals for the job are these adorable guys.

  • Penking

  • Mammorest

  • Pengullet

  • Caprity

How to get unlimited berries

feed box with unlimited food

Gather three berry seeds, 20 pieces of wood, and 20 pieces of stone to build a berry plantation at your base. Next, deploy the team listed above.

The breakdown of duties for your infinite berry land is shown below.

  • Caprity plants the berry seeds

  • Pengullet and Penking provide the water for your seeds

  • Once fully grown, Caprity with its Gathering ability, will harvest the berries.

This process repeats itself infinitely with no intervention needed from you. To sweeten the deal, you can build a Feed Box for the low cost of 20 wood pieces.

The box will have a constant supply of fresh berries making it the best way to prevent Pals from being hungry in Palworld.

They also help you and your party Pals while out on an adventure as you can grab a few hundred berries on your way out of the base. They don't fill Pals up as fast as meat but they're so easy to get, you can feed dozens at time without worry about running out.

Conclusion: Keep your Pals Fed!

If you're coming from monster taming games like Temtem, Coromon, and Digimon, like myself, you are probably taken aback by the hunger mechanic. While a staple feature in survival games, those used to playing turn-based RPGs are in for a bit of culture shock.

However, as long as you follow my unlimited berry hack, your buddies won't starve on your adventures. If you're looking for some game setting recommendations for cool names for your Palworld World, head over to my Palword World Name Generator.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 01/27/2024


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