How To Enhance Traits and Devolve Coromon

coromon trait enhancements

How To Enhance Coromon Traits

Coromon allows you to enhance your partner's existing Traits at a cost. You will need to devolve your Coromon! Now, How do you devolve Coromon?

To devolve a Coromon you will need a Devolve Pill. To obtain one, you can redeem your milestone rewards. Once you make it to level 59, you will be given 3 Devolve Pills.

Alternatively, you may head to any shop and purchase one for 450 Gold. When you get you Devolve Pills, select the Coromon of your choosing, click summary, and finally select the 3rd option from the left with 3 yellow arrows pointing upward.

Next, click "Evolution Details" to be presented with the details of the enhanced traits your Coromon can use. You will have to do a little cost benefit analysis before devolving, however. There is a trade off trait enhancement in Coromon.

Each buff that you gain comes paired with a de-buff to your Coromon's stat(s). Let's take a look at one of my favorite Coromon, Megalobite.

devolve megalobite

Here is a breakdown of what you can expect if you want to enhance its fully rested trait.

Trait Name Buff De-Buff
Fully Rested When the Coromon is at 100% HP, all damage is reduced by 40%. -
Fully Rested+ When the Coromon is at 100% HP, all damage is reduced by 60%. 5% HP Loss, 20% Speed Loss, 20% Special Defense Loss, 20% Special Attack Loss
Fully Rested When the Coromon is at 100% HP, all damage is reduced by 75%. 10% HP Loss, 30% Speed Loss, 20% Special Defense Loss, 35% Special Attack Loss, 25% Attack Loss

As you can see, the bigger the Trait buff the larger the stat de-buff. There are, however, a number of items available that can make the de-buffs worthwhile. The Choice Band Coromon equivalent Pista Stone can help patch any Attack stat drops.

The Almo Stone can be used to boost any Special Attack reductions. The downside is the same as it is in Pokemon. The items boost the respective attack stat by 50% but they restrict you to only using that move for the entire match.

At the time of writing, Coromon does not have a Dynamax equivalent or anything that can help you break out of the lock-in these items carry.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 10/20/2022


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