How To Find Wifi Password on Windows 11

Finding your wifi password on Windows 11.

Where is your Wifi password stored on your laptop or PC?

The password to your home or business Wifi should be longer than 8 characters, contain symbols, and both upper and lower case letters. Some may have even longer and more complex passwords. As such it’s nearly impossible to remember them. To make matters worse, your computer will store your password for you, so you’ll seldom have to enter it more than once.

Finding your password on your windows computer is not as straightforward as it could be. However, following the steps listed below will help you locate your password so that you may share it with your friends, family, or colleagues.

Step 1

Right click your Wifi icon located on the bottom right of your taskbar.

Windows 11 Taskbar.

Step 2

Select Network and Computer settings. This option will populate after your right click the Wifi icon.

Step 3

Click the Advanced Network Settings option

Windows 11 Taskbar.

Step 4

Under the Related Settings section, select More Network Adapters.

Windows 11 Network Adapters

Step 5

A new screen will pop up, if you don’t see it immediately, search your task bar for this icon. Double click the name of your Wifi.

Windows 11 Network Connections

Step 6

Click the Wireless Properties button.

Windows 11 Wireless Properties

Step 7

Click the Security tab at the top of the page. Then check the Show Characters box.

Windows 11 show Wifi password.

And voila! You have now located your Wifi password on your Windows 11 device.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 01/27/2022


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