How To Use Golbeak In Coromon

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Is Golbeak good in Coromon?

With Coromon 1.1.0 Golbeak and a number of other Coromon went from being decent to incredibly useful on most teams. Specifically with Golbeak he gained the ability to set up hazards, clear them, and control the weather. In addition to these great buffs, he also gained access to Tactical Retreat.

Tactical Retreat in Coromon allows a Coromon to regain 25% of their maximum HP whenever they switchout. This is similar to Rengerator in Pokemon, only slightly weaker.

Best Trait For Golbeak

golbeak trait

The best Trait for Golbeak is Tactical Retreat, by far. Allowing Golbeak to regain 1/4 of its health every time it switches increases its longevity tremendously. If you are considering enhancing this Trait, here is what you can expect with respect to buffs and de-buffs.

Also, if you want to change a Coromon's Trait, head over to Donor Island and use the Traitformator. Golbeak now has 5 possible Traits so you will have a 25% chance of getting Tactical Retreat.

It does not appear that you are able to soft reset until you get the one you want either. So hopefully the RNG will be in your favor, they were not in mine!

Trait Name Buff De-Buff
Tactical Retreat Recover 25% of your maximum HP everytime you switch out. -
Tactical Retreat+ Recover 25% of your maximum HP and 25% of SP everytime you switch out. -30% Speed, -30% Defense, -10% Special Attack
Tactical Retreat++ Recover 45% of your maximum HP and 25% of SP everytime you switch out. -30% Speed, -30% Defense, -25% Special Attack, -35% Special Defense

Recovering almost half of your HP and SP every time you switch is very tempting. However, losing 30% of your Speed means that your Silquill or Gildwing won't outspeed many opposing Coromon.

This means you won't be able to get that 2nd or 3rd layer of Spike Trap up which is one the main reasons I run him on my squad in the first place. The "choice" items that boost various stats by 50%, don't work well on Golbeak since it prevents it utilizing its diverse move pool.

Best Move Set For Golbeak

golbeak moveset coromon

Given Golbeak's wide array of moves, you can run any number of sets on him. He does'nt really have the stat spread to be a sweeper of any sort but he can set hazards and clear them away for you. In addition, Golbeak has enough attack power and coverage options to pick off weakened opponents.

Here is the move set I run on my Golbeak.

Move Type Power/SP/Accuracy Effect
Power Talons Electric / Physical 90 / 7SP / 95% Depletes 7 SP
Spike Trap Normal- 1st layer: 12%, 2nd Layer: 18%,3rd Layer: 24%, The 1st two layers only damage grounded Coromon, with 3 layers flying ones are damages also.
Lacerate Cut / Physical 95 / 7SP / 95% Causes the opposing Coromon to bleed.
Clearing Wind Ice / Special 60 / 4SP / 100% Removes all entry hazards and Weather Conditions

The attacking moves can be rotated out with whatever your squad is lacking in coverage. I needed something to hit Water and Electric Coromon so I threw Power Talons and Lacerate in there.

I try to get as many layers of Spike Trap up as possible. From there, I switch Golbeak out to recover any damage it took while booby trapping my opponent's side of the field.

Clearing Wind is there to prevent my side of the field from becoming too dangerous. Also, this move comes in handy whenever I'm up against weather I don't like.

Other moves you can try on Golbeak are Pyre Peck a Physical Fire move with 65 Power and a 25% chance to inflict a burn and Tempest. The latter causes the opposing Coromon to switch out, this is great for spreading Spike Trap damage around your opponent's team.

Best Potential Point Spread For Golbeak

golbeak potenital points

For the Golbeak set that focuses on spreading as much Spike Trap Carnage as possible, throw most of your points into HP. Max HP investment paired with the Tactical Retreat trait makes Golbeak harder to take down. Then, focus on Golbeak's Speed with the remaining points going into either offensive stat.

For me, this meant to that 50% of the 126 points went to HP. About 35% to Speed and 15% to Physical Attack.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 10/23/2022


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