K.O. Strategy Guide

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How do I get K.O. in Botworld?

K.O is a powerful melee bot that can be found in the Parched Sea, Ashen Shore, and the Molten Rock Scrapyard. You can also find it for sale in the shop on occasion. It is classified as a "rare" bot which is only less common than epic level bots.

What are K.O.'s abilities?

ko bot world abilities

K.O. has abilities that put it on par with some Dragon Ball Z characters. It has the ability to multiply its strength and drastically increase its speed. In other words, this bot goes Super Saiyan.

Here is a list of his abilities below.

Name Description
Punch A quick and simple melee attack that doesn't do a ton of damage initially. This damage is increased by 125% when its other ability is activated.
Sprint This ability grants K.O. an increase of 200% in its speed. The increase only lasts for 2 seconds but that should be enough to allow it to chase down a sniper or splasher even if it's located on the opposite side of the battlefield. The only downside is that there is an 8-second cooldown.
Spur This is one of the best abilities in the game. It gives KO a 125% boost to its attack strength.

AI Build For Slicer

ko botworld ai build

The AI build for K.O. should be focused on increasing the damage output of its Spur ability along with the duration its Sprint ability lasts. Here is the build I have been running.

Name Description
Powerful Strikes This upgrade provides K.O. with a 20% attack damage increase. It stacks well with the 125% increase K.O. gets when activating its Spur ability.
Fortitude To give K.O. some longevity on the battlefield, I chose this upgrade as it increases its health by 20%.
Motivate Motivate gives K.O. another 25% boost to its Spur ability. With this upgrade Spur now increases the attack power of K.O. by 150%.
Vigor Again focusing on maximizing usability and damage output of Spur, vigor allows K.O. to reduce its 8-second cooldown by 25% bringing it down to 6 seconds.
Endurance The final upgrade increases the duration of Sprint by 60%. This brings its total single-use time up to a little over 3 seconds. That doesn't seem like much on paper but with most battles seldom going over 40 seconds, every moment counts.

How to use K.O. in Battle

K.O. is best placed in front of chasers like Slicer or other Melee bots like Virus. With the right bot pack abilities, you can decrease the time it takes for K.O to use its ultimate ability, Spur. This damage increase should be enough for you to take out an opposing Virus before it can start hacking your team.

K.O. works well with any bot that can provide it with stun assistance, so Pluggie works well. Pluggie can help immobilize enemy bots and dish out some decent chip damage while K.O. prepares to go Super Saiyan. Once the opposing bots are immobile and weakened, K.O. can go in and quickly dispatch them.

Is K.O worth using?

K.O. is one of my favorite bots to use, although I am a bit biased because he is my son's favorite bot. If you are in need of someone to help beat down some chasers and stop Virus, K.O. should be your first choice. Just try to keep him away from snipers like Bugshot and Bullseye.

He struggles to cover enough ground to do enough damage to a distant sniper without a Sprint boost. If he is traveling to an opposing sniper at its normal speed, he may sustain too much damage to last long enough to activate Spur.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 08/31/2022


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