Best Squad For Tamer Safari

how do you beat temsafari

Who are the best Temtem for TemSafari?

temsafari teams

The best Temtem for TemSafari are ones that have either decent setup moves, high bulk and attach, or both. For my run that netted me about 150 feathers before getting knocked out, I chose Valash and Raican as my main duo.

Provided they are not among the banned types, they should bring you quite a few victories.

How does the TemSafari work?

The TemSafari contains a horde of wild Temtem that are fought under random restrictions each time. You will receive a random set a items that can be used ranging from Tonics to Ethers to Revives. In addition, there are certain types of Temtem that are banned from participating in battles.

To make things even more uncertain, the game applies certain buffs and debuffs to either Rivals or Allies, depending on the bonus. For example, a bonus may cause a Rival to lose 10% of its max STA or heal the Doomed status at the start of a turn. To summarize, here is a table explaining the various features of TemSafari.

Feature Impact
Gears are disabled Your Temtem cannot use any Gear during battle.
Bonuses Various buffs and de-buffs, i.e. certain move types lose power or allies gain stat boosts based on moves they use.
Items Only a radom set of 5 items are permitted. You will see these items prior to paying your entrance fee.
Banned Types Certain Temtem are not allow to compete if one of their types is on the list.

Feather Farming

Given the fast paced nature and high feather yield, TemSafari is one of the best places to farm Feathers in Tamers Paradise.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 09/06/2022


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