How To Farm Gold In Re: Legend

how to earn gold in re legend

Earn Money Fast In Re Legend

Gold in Re: Legend is important if you want to purchase coal, ores, fish feed and other valuable items. The iron ores in Re: Legend, which are purchased from Lloyd, are vital in crafting Iron Ignot. This is an important item for the evolution of many Magnus, like Dracogre.

The easiest way to earn money in Re: Legend is to sell your unwanted items. The items that fetch the highest amount of gold are armor and weapons. For example, the Draqua Coat can earn you 4K in gold. The material needed to craft this armor is common on Vokka Island.

re legend shipping bin

You will need to have a crafting proficiency of at least 6 to build the necessary materials for the armor. In addition, traversing the first temple and slaying Draconewts will allow you to get the Draco Scales needed. Once you have unlocked the first portal, simply teleport to the Temple Entrance and start defeating as many as you can find.

The easiest items to farm in Re Legend

ferns in re legend

If you are like me and you have an extremely messy farm all the time, you are sitting on a literal gold mine. Pluck all the ferns, stones, and mushrooms you can and place them in the shipping bin. Every fern and stone you pull earns 10 gold each and every mushroom is 15 worth gold.

Avoiding fainting as much as you can

Fainting in Re: Legend, causes you to lose 250 gold each time. In boss battles, its nearly impossible to prevent fainting as you cannot run away. But, if you are battling a random pack of wild Magnus, run away if you health dips to 25%.

The best magnus to prevent fainting is Dracoralth as it has the ability to heal the entire team, including you.

Here is a quick breakdown of super common items and how much gold each of them will earn you.

Item Gold Location
Fern 10 Farm
Stone 10 Farm
Mushroom 15 Farm
Aquagale Armor 4,251* Craft: 2 Jaw Scale / 2 Draco Scale / 2 Iron Ignot / 2 Copper Ignot
Draqua Coat 4,251* Craft: 2 Pruni Core / 3 Draco Scale / 2 Iron Ignot / 2 Copper Ignot

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