How To Level Up Fast In Coromon

how to level up in coromon

XP Chip In Coromon

xp chip in coromon

The XP Chip in Coromon boosts the amount of experience points your Coromon earn exponentially. As of version 1.0.22, the XP chip now boosts the amount of XP earned by 50%. The downside is that it no longer lasts for 60 minutes, rather it is only in effect for 10 minutes.

However, there are a number of things you can do to speed through battles so you can make the most of your 10 minutes. Here are a few methods to speed the battle gameplay up.

Remove battle animations in Coromon

remove battle animations in coromon

Coromon allows you to remove the following battle animations.

  • Weather Animations
  • Encounter Animations
  • Milestone Popups

Getting these features out of the way helps shave down the amount of time you are in battle thus enabling you to power through your grind session faster.

Farm Ber Fruit

ber fruit in coromon

The Ber Fruit is the most valuable fruit a Battle Researcher can have as they level their Coromon. This fruit doubles the amount of XP a Coromon earns in a single battle. Although the fruit itself is a single use item, you can plant them and when you harvest them, you'll get 2 - 3 additional ber fruits.

The best level grind spot in Coromon


Currently, the best place to level up your Coromon is the end game area, Ixqun. Here you'll find many level 50+, fully evolved Coromon. Try to steer clear of the Dark versions of Coromon like Lampyre that roam the area; they don't have any weaknesses and all your attacks will not be very effective.

Borrowing from the old Pokemon leveling method, throw out your trainee Coromon first. Then, switch into your strong Coromon (Preferably one with a type advantage) and have them take the opposing Coromon down.

Be sure to attach a Ber Fruit to the trainee Coromon. With the XP chip and Ber Fruit, your XP yield is increased by 250%. So 1k XP, for example, will net you 2.5K instead!

The best Coromon for training

Megalobite is not only the best-designed Coromon, but it's also one of the best you can use for level grinding. While Megalobite is on the slower side, it has high HP and defensive stats. This means you won't need to heal or use cakes nearly as often as you would with other Coromon.

In addition to its natural bulk, it has a wide enough movepool to strike super effective hits on opposing Coromon. Here is one I run for training, and competitive on occasion.

megalobite moveset

The move Crunch is especially useful if you are training in Ixqun since it hits water types effectively. If you don't have access to a strong enough Megalobite, Toravolt is a great alternative.

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