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What is a monster taming game?

Monster taming games are video games that include creature taming and battling as part of their core gameplay. Games that only have monster taming as a side quest or as optional content are not true monster tamers.

For this reason, games like Sonic Adventure with their Chao raising are not a member of the genre. It's important to note that monster-taming games don't need to contain monsters, at least in the traditional way we think of them.

They can also revolve around inorganic beings like robots. Games like Robopon, Medabots, and Botworld don't contain a single monster. Rather, they are filled with customizable, well-designed cyborgs.

If you prefer mechs to monsters, here are some games to check out.

  • Botworld Adventure (mobile)
  • Medabots AX (Gameboy Advance)
  • SD Gundam Battle Alliance (kind of a monster tamer)
  • Robopon 2(Gameboy Advance)
  • Custom Robo Arena (the best 3ds monster taming games)

What system has the best monster-taming games?

Because of the popularity of the Nintendo-exclusive, Pokemon, people tend to think the Switch and Gameboy lineup are the premier locations for monster tamers. However, some of the best games in the genre are available on mobile, Xbox, Playstation, and PC.

The Digimon franchise for example has always been a great cross-platform alternative to Pokemon. In recent years, independent games like Coromon have made monster taming on your PC possible.

Are monster taming games Pokemon clones?

No, not all games with monster-taming elements are Pokemon clones. Although, it's hard to shake the comparison when the Pokemon series seemingly pioneered the genre.

This is not to say all monster-taming games are original. There are a number of shameless ripoffs that do little to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack.

But to say completely original works like Temtem, Coromon, and Nexomon are just "Pokemon clones" is completely incorrect. Temtem, for example, has a very challenging storyline which is something that generation 6 and beyond Pokemon games are severely lacking.

Monster taming game art style

Monster-taming games come with a wide array of art styles. Many have chosen to use more modern 3d imagery but some still use pixel art. 2D art works well with many games and gives former Gameboy players a bit of nostalgia.

Nexomon has stunning 2D visuals and some decent monster designs along with one of the best storylines of any game I've played in a long while.

Battle systems used in monster tamers

The vast majority of monster-taming games use a turn-based battle system. Only a minority use real-time combat. One of the best games in the genre with real-time combat is Custom Robo for the Gamecube and Nintendo DS.

The storylines are trash but the gameplay is great and a nice break from the turn based realm fans of the genre are used to.

Are there any MMO monster taming games?

There have been a few attempts at creating a monster-taming MMORPG over the years and none have been great. Now, the games themselves are not bad the MMO part is just garbage.

The two recent games that have attempted this are Digimon Masters and Temtem. Both are great games in their own right but fall short in the MMORPG department.

MacOS and Android monster taming games

The problem with nearly all mobile monster-taming games is that you will eventually hit a paywall. At this point, the game becomes a pay-to-win type of situation which I find really annoying.

I would much rather pay a one-time fee of $20 or $30 than being required to consistently fork over money to enjoy a game. The only game that I have played so far that does not require as much money to progress is BotWorld.

You can progress pretty far in the game without paying a cent and the developers keep a steady supply of new Bots coming to the game. I highly recommend using Slicer if you decide to pick up the game.

Here are some of the best mobile monster-taming games around...beware of the paywall!

  • Botworld Adventure
  • Coromon
  • Dragon City
  • EvoCreo
  • Dynamons World

Is there a monster taming anime?

Other than Pokemon, no other monster taming anime other than Digimon survived more than a few seasons. This is probably largely due to the lack of popularity is the West with games like Medabots and Monster Rancher.

It takes a ton of money to put together a TV show and when the game franchise doesn't generate enough cash, there is no hope for an on-screen adaptation.

Although most of these are canceled, here are some monster taming centric animes that you will enjoy.

  • Medabots
  • Monster Rancher
  • Yokai Watch
  • Digimon
  • B-Daman Crossfire
  • LBX: Little Battlers Experience

Those who love Pokemon will certainly find a suitable alternative whenever they are waiting for a new release or want to try something a little more challenging.

The genre continues to grow with new games seemingly sprouting up every month or so. Monster taming games are my personal favorite genre due to the amount of replayability they have along with the ability for gamers to be endlessly creative.

For my fellow Switch players, here is a list of the best monster taming games around.

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