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Temtem SVs and TVs

If you are asking yourself, What is SV and TV in Temtem?, I've got you covered. SVs, also known as Single Values and TVs, known by Temtemologists as Training Values are core parts of Temtem breeding and raising. If you want to raise a competitive in-game squad, you'll want Tems with the highest possible SVs and TVs.

Singles Values are kind of like genetic traits in other real-life species. You can't really change them without a bit of RPG magic. So more often than not, your Tem will have to stick with the SVs it was born with.

Training Values on the other hand, always start out at 0 and can be altered to suit your battle strategies and preferences.

SVs In Temtem

Standard Values in Temtem can be as low as 1 and as high as 50. A Temtem is considered perfect if it has a value of 50 in all its stats.

Now, this doesn't mean you should throw away Tems that fall short of this golden standard. To the contrary, if a Temtem has perfect stats in everything but the ones you don't need, they are perfect in my book.

Golzy for example, excels in physical attack and speed. As such, if it has a bad SV in its special attack, it's not the end of the world.

Perfect Single Values are really only important when it comes to selling Temtem at the auction or breeding.

How To Change SVs in Temtem

Upgrading your Temtem's SVs requires a tremendous sacrifice on their part. To gain a single-point boost, you need to remove one of your Tem's fertility leaves.

At present, the only way to increase Temtem SVs is through the use of Telomere Hacks. These useful items allow you to swap a single fertility leaf for a single-point gain.

Temtem with no fertility leaves left are unable to increase their SVs and are stuck with them for life if all they have are Telomere Hacks. You also cannot use them on any Luma Temtem.

Those who are fortunate enough to get obtain a Telomere Hotfix have a far easier time altering genetics. Needless to say, the item is incredibly rare, only to be obtained through in-game rewards like FreeTem or the Koish Fishing game.

You can also find them in the auction house sometimes, but be prepared to pay an arm, leg, and two ears for it. The reason the item is so coveted is that it not only works on Lumas, but it continues to raise SVs even when the Tem has no more fertility leaves!

If you find one, hold onto it and save it for a Luma or Temtem who is nearly perfect.

TVs In Temtem

TVs are like EVs (effort values) in Pokemon, they help you raise the stats of your Temtem. The maximum increase a single stat can have is 500 points and the total number of points a Tem can have is 1000.

To train TVs fast, you can purchase Smoothies and Candies from the stands in Kisiwa and Arbury respectively. Smoothies will give you a nice boost of 50 TVs at a time while Candies only boost a single TV point at a time.

This route is more expensive but saves you a ton of time. The other method for Temtem TV training is to mindlessly knock out enough wild Temtem to max out your desired stat(s).

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You can check your Tempedia to figure out which Tems yield the TVs you are looking for. To make things a little faster, equip your trainee with the gear known as Proteins.

This item doubles the number of TVs you receive from defeating wild Temtem.

And that's it! That was everything you need to know about SVs and TVs in Temtem. Admittedly, ever since Crema released Temtem Showdown, worrying about SVs and TVs has become much less common in the competitive scene.

With this new feature, you can simply adjust TVs and SVs on your squad at will, no need to wreck a bunch of defenseless Temtem for hours.

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